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The dancing ‘dentist’

While I’m in ‘dentist mode‘ I may as well continue with a dancing one. Well, he’s not really a dentist. He just happened to look very much like the dentist Offspring saw at the time. And he wasn’t really really dancing. He tried to do the cancan while playing the tuba, which is pretty good, and also fairly difficult.

I imagine, anyway.

He is Gavin Woods of Travelling by Tuba. I like the tuba, which is why I went to a lunchtime concert at the Bridgewater Hall some years ago*, to hear the two man band consisting of Gavin and his pianist Stewart Death. The concert was another of those low key events featuring people who are not particularly famous, but who are terrific performers. You just sit there and feel that warm glow inside.

I think I mentioned that I like the tuba. I like instruments that sort of belong in the basement of an orchestra. From what Gavin was saying, he could get a little tired of the limited parts you play in your average concert if you are the tuba player. So he devised his own repertoire where he got to play everything. Wise man.

The music is a little 20th century jazz and some well known classical pieces which all sound great on the tuba. And then there was the cancan, where he played and attempted to throw his legs into the air. Memorable.

Couldn’t resist buying both the CDs for sale, and they are among my favourite ones. Quiet and unassuming and always reliable for entertaining me and getting me in a good mood.

*Having done my homework after writing the blog, rather than the correct way round, I see that Gavin no longer plays with TbT. Chris Cranham is the tuba player these days, and I’m sure he’s just as nice. Whether he cancans I have no idea.