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NCIS – Capitol Offense

It just doesn’t ring true when Gibbs is friends with a Senator and his wife. Sleazy politicians may well make friends with capable marines in their military past, but as for continued friendship, and with the spouse as well, they’d need to have a bit more in common, I feel.

Gibbs and the Senator

Gibbs rarely does people a favour, if it means behaving unprofessionally. I’d expect him to tell even a very good friend that they can’t get special treatment.

And either Gibbs was suffering the deaths of Shannon and Kelly all alone, or he had a fully working network of supportive friends. Not both. It’s never been suggested before that he had lots of friends, so why start with these two?

Even having Ziva dress up all sexy for yet another politician felt weird, but rather more likely.

Ziva and politician

Apt new name for DiNozzo is DiNosey. Good to find it’s not just McGee who gets a new nickname every time. Makes you wonder if all names lend themselves to amusing new versions if you try hard enough, because they surely can’t have named the characters with this in mind?

McGee does get to have a close encounter with water, and it’s all DiNosey’s doing. But he who seeks finds, so serves DiNosey right.

Bath time for McGee

I had sort of forgotten where we were in episode 3 of season 6, how new the tenuous relationship with Director Vance was. The end, which mentions trust, works in more ways than one. And now that we have got a little further, it’s easier to know where we stand. I hope.


And that Senator, he reminds me of someone closer to home. Now, do we have some obnoxious politicians in Britain? Perhaps a crook who writes books…

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