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The Doctor’s Wife

Am I the only one who doesn’t feel that the Doctor can have the Tardis for his wife? Even if she is sexy? That said, it was a good episode, and maybe they should ask Neil Gaiman to write some more.

Neil Gaiman, Suranne Jones and Matt Smith

And preferably they should gag the Times who reputedly provided the full plot in today’s paper. Bad enough when they do that in a review after the programme’s been on.

Great to have Rory as ‘the pretty one’. No reason he shouldn’t be. Amy can’t have it all. Fun with the Doctor building himself a new old Tardis. Looked a bit half-built to me, though. And a well spoken baddie is always charming.

The Doctor's Wife

Single Father

Single Father

Not many dry eyes in the house when Single Father was on this evening. Daughter obviously wanted to watch because it was David Tennant, and at one point I stopped and wondered whether we just thought, or assumed, it would be great because it starred the ex-Doctor.

But it was quite good, except I could have done without seeing the death scene twice. Once was more than enough.

Nice with some Scottish accents and scenery, and as ever with television a house that is rather better than you’d realistically expect these people to live in. But nice.