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Who’s behind you?


It didn’t exactly look like Obama, so maybe it’s a fake president. But that teaser appetiser thing of the Doctor Who new season prequel is quite…

As Daughter said, it’s sort of back to ‘are you my mummy?’ standards. (I’ll just scream silently here for a few minutes.)

‘There are no monsters in the Oval Office.’ No. Of course there aren’t.

The big shark in the sky

It lost a little bit of momentum some time around the third quarter. Otherwise Doctor Who was pretty refreshing after too much Christmas food. Was it just that we’ve been missing him, or did they try harder this time? The Christmas Carol theme was hardly original, but worked quite well.

Michael Gambon, Matt Smith and Laurence Belcher

Amy in her police uniform and Rory as an old Roman was slightly odd, especially on board a spaceship, but seeing them in ‘clothes past’ almost made sense. And Michael Gambon is always good.

Matt Smith continues to put a smile on our faces, and his instant time travelling was fun and at times almost impossible to keep up with. Dashing back for the pin code was a good one.

Katherine Jenkins

If they are going to cast singers in the Christmas episodes, Katherine Jenkins was a much better choice than many, and her singing (it was ‘bleak midwinter’, wasn’t it?) was magical. The first song in particular worked so well, both for the shark and for us. Slightly strange to have her use the screwdriver as a microphone, but odder things have been known to happen.

Suitably romantic, suitably sweet little boy, and suitably literary Dickensian plot. According to Son it was a better Christmas Who than most. I agree.

Flesh and Stone

And the bishop had the Doctor’s back. It’s not what they normally do, but in the end I quite liked the bishop.

Doctor Who

Poor Amy spent the second of the angel episode busy not looking at the angels. Or at anything. I could just see how those converses were going to take a tumble, seeing as she couldn’t see. But the soil was too well raked. They need to rough it up if they are going to be face first in the stuff again.


I know Daughter was busy counting kisses for David Tennant. Was this Matt Smith’s first Doctor kiss? And if they are going to use the phrase ‘getting married in the morning’ much more, I’ll break into song. It’s almost an irresistible urge. I’ll be Bryn Terfel.

Scared Bob was fairly scary at the end, I thought. It was the mild way he had of speaking, coupled with the things he had to say, which made it shivery stuff. Enough to make anyone crack up?

The crack

Sorry about that very bad crack. And sorry about that one, too.

The Time of Angels

I was going to wait until next week. After all, what’s the point blogging about half an episode? But as those Facebook nerds said – immediately – it was quite a good one. So I can at least put a couple of photos on here.

Amy, the Doctor and River Song

Those angels were actually quite creepy last time round, and with Amy rubbing her eyes, I now have an urge to do likewise. The clerics were almost Philip Pullman-ish, and sacred Bob went to being scared Bob. There was the quote, which I don’t remember perfectly, but it was something about a verger and his explosives.

The Doctor and Father Octavian

I’m content to wait for next week’s instalment, but Daughter has theories. Well, she’s allowed to.

The Beast Below

That would be the Terry Pratchett style creature, then. And above him a community much like the Glasgow in Julie Bertagna’s Exodus, except this one was the whole country. England, not Scotland, obviously. They do their own thing these days. And could the scriptwriters really have known that this would screen just at the time a new election has been announced?

Amy and the Doctor

When you see the Demon Headmaster, you know what he’s going to be like. Every time I tell myself he’s a vegetarian, so must really be quite nice… And speaking of schools; do school children of all centuries have to be dressed in our style of school uniform? It’s just not likely. Is it?

Lift problems, Doctor Who

I do hope nobody with a lift phobia was watching this evening’s Doctor Who. It’s your worst nightmare, or pretty close. Though I suppose that was the intention. Queen Liz appears to have been informed of every detail about the Doctor, down to a quote about his hair, which I’ve already managed to forget, but it was apt.

Queen Liz, Doctor Who

Personally I enjoyed this episode, but having looked at Facebook very briefly it seems it didn’t meet with everyone’s approval. When will people realise it’s a children’s programme?

(Photos © BBC)