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NCIS: Los Angeles – Human Traffic and Black Widow

For a season start NCIS: Los Angeles did better than its big brother NCIS, and I say this as a much bigger fan of the older sibling. Human Traffic just had that little bit of oomph where you sit up and notice things. Though I wondered at the decision to have a double episode. Were they worried fans needed persuading? If so, does a double serving help?

Slightly confusing with Callen’s dream sequences, but I suppose they are part of the bigger picture with the agonising over his background. The house was a nice touch, though. Let’s hope his sleeping can be done there from now on.

I’d thought they intended to keep Deeks off our screens for longer, but ‘disappearance’ might mean different things to different people. Suspected CBS were wanting to save on paying Eric Christian Olsen, but wonder if they are doing that with Nate instead.

Interrogation, LA style

On the other hand, they had ‘Bulldog’ back. One assumes on the basis that he’s done NCIS and now it was time for the other one.

The dream

Black Widows are always fun. Russians are fun. I don’t think I’ll take up a regular time for any supermarket trips. I prefer the unexpected. And that way no one will plan to assassinate me in Sainsbury’s. But then I don’t live the American dream, anyway.

Am surprised that agents who go undercover for a living, can’t actually make up a decent white lie for their own social life.

Hetty's drawer

Loved Hetty’s drawer. A spare driver’s license is so useful.

(Photos © CBS)