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That was Edinburgh 2012, that was

Edinburgh Castle

People kept asking us if we were going to take in a few fringe events, as though we had both time and energy left over to do anything quite so frivolous. It would have been nice, but the books took everything we had, plus a little more still.

Edinburgh Fringe

But, you can take pictures of the odd thing as you run past.

Edinburgh Fringe venue

And Simon Callow won’t mind a second outing on CultureWitch.

Simon Callow and photographers in Charlotte Square

Next time I’ll sit down on a park bench for a while and just listen to some music. Or something.

Edinburgh Fringe

Maybe even sit out late one night if it doesn’t rain. It didn’t rain much this time, and it was warm. Perfect for those beer gardens and other tents that have sprung in the middle of George Street. All I had time for was a brief rest on a bench while ‘running’ for a train one evening.

The 2012 Simon Callow

Unlike authors who like to hide behind their laptops, actors are used to the limelight. Some of them might even like it. Or not mind too much. I get the impression Simon Callow doesn’t mind dreadfully.

Simon Callow

It was nice to catch him on the blue carpet. We’ve had enough green carpet for a while.

Pliny the elder

Another year, another photo of Simon Callow. This time a non-shaky (well almost) photo that was not taken by the useless witch, so much better for it.

Simon Callow

You could tell someone ‘big’ was about to come by the large number of photographers who had come out of the woodwork. And Simon was only a little late, and was swiftly rushed on to the next session, which in turn had to be swift to allow for there being an event minutes later.

Simon Callow, My Life in Pieces

There is another biography of this actor, about whom I know so little. To me it’s enough that he was Caroline Lawrence’s Pliny in the Roman Mysteries.

I can’t be the only one not watching that?

Being a CultureWitch doesn’t mean I watch everything on television. Most people seem to find time for rather a lot of it. I neither have the time, nor the inclination. There are programmes I wish I could fit in, but the X Factor isn’t one of them. I have to admit I don’t fully know what they do on that programme. It’s some sort of talent competition. With Simon Cowell, I think.

As I said earlier, I have great difficulty telling him apart from Simon Callow. It’s a name thing. Watching them in something might make a difference. But it’s not tempting.

The lovely Candy Gourlay – who is a marvellous children’s book author – thought I was not being serious when I pointed out I know nothing about the X Factor. I know very slightly more about Strictly Come Dancing, although I never watch it.

I suspect the X Factor is a different programme from the one Susan Boyle was discovered on. Am I right? And as for all these Big Brother and Celebrity Whatsits, I can’t keep up.

While having lunch out with the Esperanto Student earlier this year, she kept referring to Nancy, and after a while I simply had to bite the bullet and ask who Nancy was. Another blooming talent competition. And the ES was shocked I didn’t know.

CultureWitch the blog was not started up to write about these things. It was born so I can nerd at great length about my few big passions, and a bit less on my medium interests, filling in with bits and pieces of anything else that just happens to come my way.

So here’s to more NCIS and more Roger Whittaker, with a dash of Doctor Who, Fascinating Aïda, films, music, art, food. But no X Factor.

Famous faces?

CultureWitch’s alter ego, the Bookwitch, is busy doing the Edinburgh International Book Festival. You don’t just see authors there, however, but the odd actor also passes through. Even some completely normal actors…

So you photograph them. You might as well, when you’re near the great and the famous.

Yesterday I was -ismed when doing so. Haven’t yet decided which -ism. But as I was trying to take a photo of Simon Callow, who I can barely tell apart from that Cowell chap on television, I was -ismed. It’s bad enough standing behind all those ‘real’ photographers with their overlong whatsits, brandishing my tiny pocket camera. I don’t need to be told that I can’t video the famous man.

But I was. Can only assume that being a witch, fat, old, blogger, amateur, or something else equally offputting which I haven’t yet thought of, was behind the not altogether friendly warning. Because those men with the long lenses wouldn’t be told not to video anyone. Anyway, why would they? And if so, why would I?

Joked a little on facebook yesterday that I don’t even know who Simon Callow is. I do. Once I’ve worked out he is not the Cowell fellow (I have to do it every time), I know. He was in the Four Weddings thing. And he was Pliny in The Roman Mysteries. That’s the sum total of my Callow knowledge.

Simon Callow

If there is ever a guest at the EIBF who’d make my heart flutter so much that I’d know I wouldn’t be able not to sneak a little video with my little camera, I’ll tell them, and then they can lock me away for the ten minutes.

I mean, I can’t even put the video from church on YouTube. What could a technically challenged witch do with a clandestine Callow?