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Svartir Englar

We had just about given up on any more excitement on television this week. There were a few things on channels us cheapskates don’t have, but otherwise it was the zip and nada scenario one gets used to after a while.

I did notice Black Angels on my first read-through of what was on last night, but with no additional information thought no further. Once I saw the highlights in yesterday’s paper it was another business altogether. Icelandic crime series! Perfect for the visiting Icelandic crime fan and his mother.

The only fly in our television ointment is that contrary to our hopeful predictions, the first two episodes (of six) were not standalone ones. So we have a need for the remaining four, as we are unable to stay another four weeks.

Svartir Englar

It was bleak. And dreary. It was what you’d expect of sudden death in Iceland, even pre economic crash. There were many millions mentioned at all times (money being the root of all evil), and even taking into account the minuscule Icelandic krona, it amounted to millions.

Man falls off block of flats. It might not be suicide, so the police investigate, despite funds for such frivolity being limited. It’s a bit bleak.

And they had the standard cliché of young detective, son of older and by now dead but respected policeman. It was Ben Cooper and Joona Linna all over. And dear Arni had an unfortunate tendency to fall into bed with the beautiful suspect. But at least he’s not also fancying himself in bed with his female colleague, of the standard family/husband/babysitting problems.

Add some deadly Lithuanians, drugs and violence, and a boss with health issues and another detective who suffers from severe homophobia, and you have a nice little mix.

One fascinating thing about Icelandic drama is that they must have a very limited group of actors from which to cast for every single thing they do. And I was intrigued by the idea of police school. They can’t have enough policemen to have a school, surely?

The Icelandic language at times sounds almost Swedish and the rest of the time it’s more like Italian with some extra ð and þ. It’s interesting. If they could only keep their ash to themselves. There was a scene last night featuring an empty airport, which set me off on ash thoughts.