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NCIS beginnings and ends – Angel of Death, and Bury Your Dead

Hindsight makes me dislike more about season four than I noticed at the time. Probably because I didn’t actually like the Tony DiNardo disguise. I wasn’t dead keen on Jeanne, but hated the way she was being used, which once you know, is pretty upsetting if you watch again.

But, we are still talking good writing, and a strong end to one season and a very good start to the next one. Once you stop having qualms about Jeanne, that is.

NCIS - Angel of Death

We haven’t watched Angel of Death very often. I used to think it was a mixed up episode, and my co-watcher isn’t too keen on the druggie’s sister in the morgue. Well acted, but disgusting. Her boyfriend is deliciously clever and crooked and very Irish.


But the rest is pretty decent. The thread about the little girls on the loose in the hospital, who might be Shirley Temple, or not, is fun. Not so sure about leaving Gibbs in charge when the Director goes away. Why would he be? Nice cliff-hanger ending.

NCIS - Bury Your Dead

For a first episode, Bury Your Dead is one of the best. That car bomb is most effective. The way Abby and McGee have mirrored each other overnight, helping the Director and Gibbs respectively, works well.

La Grenouille and Kort

I love McGee’s comment to Ziva about how his parents raised a gentleman while Ziva’s parents raised a killer. La Grenouille gets his come-uppance, but by now we almost like the man. Kort is as bad as we want him to be.


And overnight, Director Shepard’s hair grew a good few inches.


Funny that not one of them thought to comment on that.

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Good old NCIS – Sandblast

It started with a face, and I had to work my way back to whose face and what episode. It turned out to be Blake Bashoff’s face and the episode was Sandblast, a great episode from season 4 which we don’t watch nearly as often as we should. I remedied that with yesterday’s lunch, and it reminded me of what has almost gone missing in more recent seasons. It’s choc-a-bloc with funny one-liners and you sit there wearing a big grin as you watch.

The reason Blake as the teenage Josh came to mind was that he was unusually good. Bereaved, but allowed to be funny and normal, with DiNozzo being very DiNozzo-ish while still not coming across as insensitive or making me want to bash his head in.  If you apply ‘an eye for an eye’ you end up with ‘a lot of toothless blind people’.

It’s the episode where Gibbs meets Lt. Col. Hollis Mann, and what a meeting it was! She gave as good as she got, and sometimes before getting it. There was never a more suitable match for Gibbs, which is why she couldn’t be allowed to last. But she was fun while she did, that future fourth ex-wife of his.

DiNozzo had also met ‘his match’ in Sandblast, and it’s weird how Jeanne was sneaked in and barely noticed because of Hollis Mann. What we did notice was Tim’s poison ivy. Second time round for poor McGee. And Director Shepard was more than acceptably catty, now that we have hindsight.

There was the charming muslim terrorist, and his pal Abraham, ‘a few puppies short of a petshop’, but who nevertheless knew what names mean. Although he’d never come across Tim as ‘he who is about to wet his pants’. Understandable, but ‘when your time’s up, it’s up’.

Sandblast was better than ever, and I don’t think it was just because it had been a while. Quality shows.