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Happy Birthday to Sarah Millican!

Sarah is 37 today. Hope she has fun. I don’t suppose that being a professional comedian makes your private life any more or less fun than for all the rest of us.

I mainly think of Sarah as the woman on the train with the large suitcase. Some years ago I was putting Daughter on the train to Scotland, first time on her own. Sarah and her suitcase were also on the train. The reason it’s memorable (apart from the size of the suitcase) is that they didn’t get very far before the train gave up, and they were all ditched in Preston. But Sarah and Daughter had each other, when catching another Edinburgh bound train.

It was only afterwards I found Sarah writing in the Guardian about her time being funny at the Edinburgh Festival. And ever since, Daughter feels Sarah is her comedian.

Maybe it contained props? The suitcase, I mean. It was one of those occasions when a piece of luggage prevents everyone else on the train from going in any direction at all. That’s why I noticed it in the first place.