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Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen

Very sorry to hear that Elisabeth Sladen died earlier today. According to the BBC she had had cancer for some time.

For me she was ‘only’ the recent Sarah Jane, since I never watched the early Doctor Who programmes. But she was one of the best on television.

Death of the Doctor

Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant

The Sarah Jane Adventures continue being at least as good as the good Doctor himself, and he’s not dead. Trust his women to know what’s what. This week Sarah Jane was joined by the scatty but otherwise equally genuine former Doctor’s assistant Jo Grant. The trouble with not having a Whovian past myself is that it’s not possible to recognise all these exes.

I could tell from the start that the Doctor’s death wasn’t genuine, but it was a toss-up between Unit having been mistaken or actually being crooked. Sarah Jane followed far too meekly.

Clyde must be having the time of his life, morphing into Matt Smith, and surely sooner or later Rani’s Dad must twig what’s going on? Not sure the plot needed another Luke lookalike, although Santiago (de Chile) was sweet enough, I suppose. Didn’t care for the decolletage.

The real Luke has just started at Oxford, as we all know. That must be why the cherry blossom blossomed in the background. This week’s adventure had plenty of springlike sunshine, whereas last week it was all pretty dismal, weather-wise. Winter, maybe.

And I had this really, really profound thought while watching. I was thinking that the SJA is a children’s series based on the world and the characters of an adult series. Having had this ridiculous thought glide through my head I remembered what I keep going on about when people complain that Doctor Who isn’t up to scratch. It too is a children’s programme.

Adequate company

Did they forget that the Sarah Jane Adventures is a children’s programme? Whew! Well, I’m not going to bed again. Ever. Possibly we shouldn’t have recorded the starting episodes and watched them before bedtime. Possibly it would have been all light and happiness had we watched at the correct broadcast time.

But probably not. Ieee!

The Nightmare Man and Luke

Nightmares for Luke, and for everyone else. Daughter says Luke is not going to be in this series, so that might be why they pack him off to uni. Oxford of all places. It would have been really good if they’d got their facts right. For going to uni in general. For Oxford in particular. How you apply. When term starts. Who will cook breakfast. And so on. (Have just been called a pedant on facebook, and it’s so true.)

That scarf made Luke look several years older. But taking K9 with him? I don’t think so. Sweet to see Mr Smith and K9 saying goodbye. ‘You have been adequate company’. Indeed.

I’d be quite satisfied if future episodes could just be normal space travel cum green exploding aliens. Nightmares are so common. I get them. You get them. Aliens (other than my sweet self) are less common.



Will the latest double episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures cause the country’s children, and some adults, to develop a clown phobia? I’ve never felt that way inclined, so didn’t mind all that much, but I can see that if you make the baddie a clown, then screaming children will be next. Maybe.

Now that I think about it, I did have a recurring nightmare as a child, which actually featured clowns. It was only in the nightmare, though, and whereas I’m not a clown fan (they are a little boring, aren’t they?) I’ve not feared them either.

To get back to Sarah Jane; why, oh why, do they have to make the Mums so stupid all the time? We’ve just lost lovely Maria and her stupid, or maybe I should say cunning, Mum. And now they give us Rani, another pretty girl, who also has a stupid Mum. How do these girls become so nice and intelligent around women like these? If the Mums have to be out of the action, why not just make them high flying executive types, who are too busy to be home?