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‘Every crook and nanny’ at St Trinian’s

It wasn’t too bad, that second St Trinian’s film. Not that I have seen the first one, and I gather the second is supposed to be worse. But I quite liked it. Funny and very light. And it had that Mr Darcy and the Doctor in it, so the scenery was OK, if you can ignore Rupert Everett’s teeth. I’m not keen on cross-dressing like that, though. Gives me a sort of eugh feeling.

Don’t believe they wore white sports socks in the sixteenth century, but David Tennant was cute tied up. Quite cute as the baddie, too. Dog was awfully cute, but according to Daughter I need to understand that Mr Darcy had killed its predecessor or some such ghastly thing. Which was not very nice.

A bit of education could be had through all that Shakespeare, and maybe I ought to go and have a look round The Globe one day. Agree with the critics who felt the school girls were too old. There must be plenty of suitable wannabe actresses aged 17, rather than these elderly 20+ people they had dug out from somewhere. Maybe they are famous?

‘Big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ is always amusing. And so is having the fat girl be the intelligent one. So unlikely. Although the actress has a good date for her birthday, I have to say.