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Watched a couple of random episodes of NCIS on this eve of September 11th, fifteen years on. The Resident IT Consultant is away for a few days, which is why I indulged myself. He is back in Moscow, which is where he was that fateful day in 2001 as well.

Russian station

It was a strange feeling, having him there, his brother near Boston, the rest of us somewhere in the middle, and all watching the same thing developing.

But that’s not what I wanted to say here. One of the episodes was Broken Arrow, the one where DiNozzo Sr assists the team in solving the crime, by staying at his favourite Washington hotel, running up a vast bill, having hitched a lift from Geneva on someone’s private plane. (Most likely one of the ones Daughter sees from her kitchen window.)

And then as we’ve got all sweet at the end and Jr and Sr finally see eye to eye, we have the older DiNozzo declining a taxi to the airport, because he just ran into Donald Trump in the lobby and has begged a lift home.

Six years ago that was amusing. Now, not so much. And I hope that whatever happens in real life won’t mean a repeat of that day fifteen years ago, just because someone was unable to do the right thing.

NCIS – Family First

Nature – i.e. the rain outside – cried with us as we watched the end of DiNozzo. As expected, a little bit bad and sad, and a little bit good. They can’t kill everyone off, but at least this way some characters won’t be coming back other than as ghosts. (I honestly didn’t think they’d do what they did.)

Abby, McGee, Bishop, Palmer and DiNozzo

I’ll miss Trent Kort. Why did they have to make him all right for a while? Think of the time he called on Gibbs as his only friend and ally, in Dead Reckoning. That was fun.

Fornell isn’t dead. He’s merely got beautiful toenails. Let’s see if they let him back again or not. I’m wondering if this Tess is intended to become the new Fornell? Though I believe the character is meant to have to prove herself in order to remain.

I quite like MI6, Clayton Reeves, who is going to be our next DiNozzo. Similar and different at the same time. They could – probably – not go for another female agent (except the loan of Tess from FBI), so they went black, and foreign.

Wonder if we’ll see DiNozzo Sr again? It’s odd when one actor’s decision to leave affects another actor’s possibilities.

DiNozzos Jr and Sr

The shrink is slowly growing on me, but I hope Dr Taft will return some time too.

As I said, it ‘rained’ a little in the house as we watched. Halfway, when we found out that … and met .., even I felt I might blub a little. It’s tough saying goodbye.

Ducky, DiNozzo and Palmer

So no summer cliffhanger, and it’s only through news articles we know about Clayton. Here’s to a peaceful summer break, with a few sniffles over Tony, but otherwise just looking ahead to what season 14 will bring.

Season 14! Doesn’t that sound impossibly advanced?

NCIS – Dressed to Kill

Finally! We’re back to what almost counts as normal NCIS. Granted, it had Robert Wagner in it, and – probably because – it was the 250th episode. It even had a Naval flavour, what with proper uniform being an issue. No boats, but you can’t have everything. (I know; ships.)

Not bad at all.

DiNozzo Jr and Sr

There was a lot of DiNozzo hugging going on, but this time there was a good reason for it. What are the odds that Jr kills someone, with Sr as the only witness? Might this have been the last outing of daddy DiNozzo, I wonder?

Bishop was barely annoying this time. She’s learning a few things, and they are definitely giving her the probie treatment. It’s refreshing having a beautiful female agent who is married, and who does not have to be matched up with every available male within miles.

Bishop and DiNozzo

Speaking of relationships, McGee’s sounded pretty normal too. Let’s keep it that way.

And I hate admitting this, but DiNozzo made a very fetching Private Eye. Very. Just don’t anyone tell him that.

McGee and DiNozzo

So, some great news – for some – and soul mates. Happy 250th!!!

(Photos © CBS)

NCIS – Sins of the Father

It’s not been Robert Wagner’s week, really. First it’s been suggested – yet again – that he murdered his wife. Then he goes and gets himself found in a car with a dead body in NCIS. That’s after he has said he wanted to kill the corpse.

DiNozzo Sr

NCIS team

DiNozzo Sr


And yes, it’s family in NCIS. Again. It’s a bit mad. The episode was good; and about as unlikely as many of the other recent ones.

So after the ‘Remembrance’ style double episode, we have the Thanksgiving one, complete with turkey with ‘something’ inside it. Maybe best for Ducky to deal with.

We get to see DiNozzo’s two dads together. The blood relative and the boss, who sometimes makes a better dad for our toddlerish DiNozzo Jr. We even get to see Gibbs in ‘bed.’. Didn’t know the man actually sleeps. And it was more in ‘sofa’ than bed.

The microwave surprised me. Even I don’t have one of those.

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Gibbs and 2 x DiNozzo

NCIS – Broken Arrow

Junior DiNozzo

Back in season three DiNozzo might have found a ‘Gibbs who is nice’ disturbing, but I think it’s almost more disturbing with a nice and responsible DiNozzo. Junior, that is. Having DiNozzo Senior around makes for good quotes and plenty of good stills. I’m not sure I like him much, but Sr has an interesting effect on Junior. And should we assume it was a period of him being broke that was behind ‘junior getting expelled from boarding school’?

DiNozzo Sr and Ziva

2 x Di Nozzo

Fred and Vance

Ziva, Fred, DiNozzo Sr and Abby

DiNozzo Sr and Jr, McGee and Ziva

Ziva's passport

Gibbs knows Sr to be ‘just enough of a conman to be able to pull it off’ when he enlists his help in touching Ziva up. Well, no that wasn’t the job description, but he does anyway. And as Jr finds to his dismay, Dad’s cashmere suit is ‘really soft’. I should think so, when he runs up a bill of $9000 in the service of NCIS.

Poor Fred who has to pay out isn’t impressed, but Director Vance leaves him no opportunity to enquire more. But Fred does have ‘a serious problem with Anthony DiNozzo’, a man ‘absolutely out of control’. Though as Gibbs said to him earlier, ‘I guess you haven’t got the bill for the flowers yet?’ when Sr sends Ziva flowers.

Considering Ziva and Abby can be so strict with poor Junior, it’s almost a bit much that they let Senior get away with his charmer’s ways, but they do. ‘Tired isn’t a word in his vocabulary.’ He does chat up women quite actively for someone his age. And the Senior James Bond moment is pretty good stuff, letting him ask ‘Junior can I borrow your handcuffs?’ I suspect he was almost as surprised as we were, that he was able to pull it off.

Ziva, who really ‘is a weapon’ has finally got her American passport. That might be a good thing, seeing as it’s the turn of her Daddy next week.

Personally I think $9000 was pretty cheap for the services rendered. Most temporary experts called in would charge a lot more. And Dad gets to wear the cashmere outfit again, I hope. Maybe when Mr Trump is forced to invite him to something?

Senior and Junior DiNozzos

I bet Eli David never went fishing with either Ziva or Ari.

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Episode 150

I just realised I’m about to admit in public that I have watched every single one of those 150 episodes of NCIS. More than once, but that goes without saying, I hope. They had a cake. Not in the ep, but on the set. Daughter got a little confused by the extra man pictured cutting the cake, but that was ‘only’ Robert Wagner; this week’s guest star, and probably not intended as a regular character.

Episode 150 of NCIS

We’ve heard about him often enough, as he’s Anthony Di Nozzo Sr, and there’s an amazing likeness between father and son. But Daddy DiNozzo is man enough to make Junior look quite lovely and caring and normal, which I suppose is good. After what Junior did this time, we have to respect him a little bit more.

Robert Wagner and Michael Weatherly

Gibbs, of course, is the real father figure, and for the first time in a conversation with a stranger, he admitted to being a father himself. Not bad going. But cooking steak in the living room fireplace? Honestly. Men.

The crime in Flesh and Blood was of little interest, yet again, since we were all busy learning more about our extended family. And Gibbs’s supposedly demolished living room is still there.

Please let there be another 150 episodes, and preferably quickly.

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