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The Avengers

Now that I – as the last person on Earth – have seen The Avengers, I suppose it’s pretty pointless to ‘review’ the film. But it wasn’t bad at all. Noisy enough that none of my crackling food wrappers could be heard. I even knew who some of the actors were, although not as many as I had thought.

For some obscure reason I was under the impression the film boasted lots of cameos from famous names. I might have had the super-powered men and women in mind, and to me Stellan Skarsgård is always famous. I admire a man who doesn’t have to sound so frightfully Swedish all the time.

Thor and Loki didn’t seem very Norse, either. As ‘always’ a good baddie is British.

I came to this film cold. Not literally, seeing as it was a hot and humid day, but with no preparation. I had not seen the other films, whatever they might be. I hadn’t even had time to check out the links to useful clips Daighter emailed me. But that just goes to prove that any idiot can grasp what went on (as much as you can any adventure film these days) in The Avengers.

Captain America

Bad things happened. Good people were kidnapped by baddie. Other good people (super powered) were assembled by a mastermind to help fight the bad guy and put the world right again. They did, with the help of a lot of kicking and lots of noise. Some parts of Manhattan are still intact.

So, all is good. Until next time.

I did admire the Hulk’s way with Loki. More people should be that decisive.

Sherlock Holmes

As the Resident IT Consultant said afterwards, he had had a different kind of Sherlock Holmes in mind.

We behaved most uncharacteristically on Sunday, by first going out for a pub lunch en famille, and continuing on to the cinema afterwards. Daughter had decided Sherlock Holmes would work as light entertainment for all generations, and I suppose it did.

It was pretty lightweight, though, even as lightweight stuff goes. It could have been half an hour shorter (but then, the half hour of ads and trailers before it could also have been much shorter). The film could have had a plot.

What it seemed to have were several actors of the well known category, except I have to admit to having no idea who Robert Downey Jr is. Have heard of Jude Law, but couldn’t have picked him out in an identity parade. Mark Strong and James Fox I do know, but I prefer the former with more hair. These days when you need an important old fogey, it always seems to be a Fox.

If you like lots of fighting, running around and jumping about, coupled with a weak script, this film would be ideal. Personally I prefer my light rubbish to be slightly more fun. And shorter.