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NCIS – Collateral Damage

It’s uncanny seeing Agent Lee walk again, but that’s revisiting older episodes for you. With hindsight I could see Gibbs was studying her even more than I did two and a half years ago.

Dwayne and DiNozzo

Dwayne Wilson

But what I really wanted to say after watching Collateral Damage again was that as we could do with some more characters to love, how about letting Dwayne Wilson return, as a fully fledged agent? He was one of those I would have liked to see more of back then. We didn’t, so an alternative could be a return for season nine.

Even DiNozzo couldn’t get the better of him, and despite being more of a Gibbs type, I think Vance liked the idea of him. Even if Vance wants more McGees than DiNozzos. Or as Gibbs said, people more like Vance than like Gibbs.

Good for Gibbs – and Wilson – that Ducky can analyse their best sides. And DiNozzo should leave his ears and the vending machine alone. No poking or banging.