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NCIS beginnings and ends – Rule Fifty-One and Spider and the Fly

We’re getting closer to a ‘real’ beginning, so time to crack on. I loved season seven. Looking back, I’m slightly less keen on the last episodes. There is something not quite right about the Mexican set-up. A little on the far-fetched side.

But as cliffhangers go, seeing Jackson Gibbs in his shop with Paloma, it’s a good one. The continuation in season eight is less satisfying, especially the way the Mexican siblings problem is resolved. And Gibbs is a bit too remote and unfeeling, seeing as he doesn’t exactly have a clean conscience himself.

Rule 51, sometimes you’re wrong.

Gibbs sr

We don’t want Gibbs Sr to die. But it’s worth keeping in mind that although the Reynosa family are crooks, they had a right to love their father, too.

But there is humour even in these two episodes. Like when DiNozzo and Ziva are wondering how they will find Gibbs, and he is just standing there, waiting for them. Ducky going on about golf, as you do, while dissecting the dead.

Loved Abby’s outfit. Possibly not your typical afternoon tea style, but still…

Abby and Ducky

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NCIS – Up In Smoke

Killing her would be too good for her! I’ve been patient long enough, but I really, really don’t like what Dr Ryan is doing. It’s not charming, or even sane, on any level. At this rate I’d almost advise Gibbs to get hold of that ghastly lawyer and ask her back, and I so hated her.

(Or could it still have something to do with who writes the screenplay and who directs it?)

I had a quick look at Special Ops to see what others are thinking, and it doesn’t look as if Dr Ryan has any fans anywhere. If so many of the diehard fans are saying they couldn’t watch to the end, then that must be a sure sign CBS are getting it wrong.

Hey! You are getting it wrong! Stop this at once!


So, let’s hope Gibbs can stop making a fool of himself with his idiotic DOD lady. He’s spent the best part of nine seasons being Gibbsy. Why stop now?

What we did love was Abby’s outfit for Palmer’s stag night. Although his night was hijacked, rather. Does this mean we won’t get the ‘real’ thing? They were all doing a great job of winding him up. I hope there will be a wedding, and that it won’t be sacrificed to the federal agents going about their business. And where was Abby when they were out drinking?

Palmer's stag night

Lovely to see probie Dorneget return. Perhaps he should change his dentist, though.

Palmer's stag night

And surely Vance knows better than to go it alone? I misheard, and thought they were claiming no one knows where he lives.

So that’s one Dr Ryan fewer by Wednesday next week then?

Mother’s Day repeat

Either the Resident IT Consultant is even more forgetful than I thought, or I was especially lucky with last night’s dinner entertainment. With only minutes to go before the pasta was done I hurriedly picked a not much watched episode from NCIS season 7. It being the eve of Mother’s Day in the UK, I picked Mother’s Day, despite my earlier comments about it being the worst I’d seen. At least that meant I’d not watched it over and over again.

Gibbs and mother-in-law

Not at all, in fact, if last night’s experience was anything to go by. Maybe we watched it without the Resident IT Consultant, and couldn’t be bothered to offer it up a second time. So serendipity provided me with something 100% fresh for my pasta-eating companion. Nice.

And now that I’ve got both hindsight as well as the determination to see if certain writers write better episodes than others, I have to say that not only was Mother’s Day quite good, but it was written by none other than Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner. My remaining complaint is simply that this couldn’t (shouldn’t) have happened in real life. Other than that, very well written.

I’ll have to look up other, half forgotten or ignored episodes. There might be treasure out there. Even for a very big fan.

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NCIS – Rule Fifty-One

I was more nervous watching Rule Fifty-One, than I’ve been since watching the first episode of season 3. Though I needn’t have been, since I had worked out most of the things the right way round, without having any clue as to how they would fit in with the plot.

So, are we going to sit around worrying about Daddy Gibbs for four months or not? I’m getting good vibes at the moment. (Touch wood, obviously.) I have more concern for that viper Ms Hart. They will keep her on, won’t they? How come I like Srta Reynosa better than her?

I’m trying to work out those red-page scenes we heard about. In fact, I’m going to have to watch this again.

Surely this was the first time Franks has called DiNozzo ‘probie’? Not being in the slightest American I seem to be unusual in not finding much of interest in Ziva’s citizenship ceremony. And Vance continues to grow. Gibbs never had that kind of resistance within the agency before.

People appear to feel that Abby’s relationship with Gibbs has changed beyond recognition. I disagree. Changed, yes. But they looked far more ‘back to normal’ than you’d think was possible.

Did not get Ducky’s golfing experience at all, but it was very, very funny. To have that kind of light humour inserted into an autopsy scene, when things are looking generally grim is what makes NCIS what it is.

So, that will be a wait of something like 17 weeks, I’d say. We can manage that. Plenty of repeats available for daily lunches, should I be so lucky.

NCIS – Patriot Down

Mrs Macy, Gibbs and McGee

Gibbs and Abby



Ducky and Gibbs


Gibbs is looking old and tired, and it’s hardly surprising. Things aren’t going his way, much. I wonder whether he will be the one who has the ‘bad ending’ for season 7? Not that they’ll get rid of him, obviously, but we need to be left worrying about someone over the long, and possibly even hot, summer.

After all that speculating on who the dead colleague would be, it came as a surprise to find that it was someone I’d thought of as recently as last week, and someone who we won’t be devastated to ‘lose’, but still leaves us feeling bad. Well chosen, I have to say. And if there are fans out there who haven’t bothered with NCIS: Los Angeles, it may feel strange.

Still can’t decide if Ms Hart is simply stupid, or actually crooked. Looked more stupid than anything this time.

Abby and Gibbs still aren’t back to anything resembling normal, but her lock-down was almost normal Abby style. And trust Ducky to have cottoned on.

It’s odd how so many things come back to Mexico, in one form or another; Gibbs’s guilty deed, Macy, Mike Franks, Colonel Bell and the drugs cartel. Makes you wonder if they plant lots of seeds along the way, or if it’s serendipitous use of the odd thing found lying around. Am assuming that the writer of Patriot Down wasn’t one who had had much to do with Camila Charo before. She seemed to have undergone a personality change, and Gibbs has phoned the bar before. No need to have language problems.

Roll on next week.

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NCIS – Obsession

How many friends can you possibly have? Well, DiNozzo’s ‘friend’ has 2412 of them, but she’s a red herring. In Obsession DiNozzo gets his very own ‘dead man walking’, except it’s not a man, because it’s about DiNozzo. And we know what he likes.

Give me her phone number; McGee and DiNozzo

Alejandro and Abby

Ducky and Palmer

DiNozzo and Dana Hutton

Gibbs and DiNozzo

Gibbs and Hart

We also know what I don’t like and that is dear M Allison Hart, again. Having achieved temporary employee status at NCIS, I’m rather hoping it will be her who gets killed off at the end of the series. It would solve a lot. Other than that, Ms Hart was only in this episode to pave the way for Mexico in two weeks’ time. And possibly to annoy Abby.

She  – Abby, that is – gets her hand kissed a lot, by smooth Alejandro, from that very same Mexico. Maybe the symposium is there to get Abby to be present when whatever happens happens. So far Alejandro was ‘encantado’. Which is nice for him.

Palmer is really on top, worrying about Ducky worrying, and going in early to work out how the dead body died, seeing it/he was quite well, apart from being dead. Slapping Ducky quite so enthusiastically might count as going too far, but it was rather sweet to see Ducky assisting Palmer. And looking proud that his ‘boy’ had worked it out.

When the ex-boyfriend turned out to be British we all wondered if it was another case of the Brit being the one whodunnit. Lovely as our British villains are, it gets a wee bit tedious on occasion.

But let’s not forget poor DiNozzo, who suddenly works up a nice obsession with the missing sister of the dead body. She’s everything he’s always looked for in a woman. This is a great DiNozzo episode, with our joker being mature and almost everything we know he can be. He does his research quietly and works out what to do, and makes the missing lady not so missing.

But then there is the old KGB poison, and how lovely to have the Markov umbrella incident recycled. At least Gibbs gets to do an arrest in Russian. Sometimes I wish I knew Russian so I could hear how Mark Harmon does. And sometimes I’m grateful I don’t, so I don’t have to.

Lovely heart-to-heart in Gibbs’s basement between him and DiNozzo, who has ‘broken rule number ten again’. It’s the one Gibbs also has the most trouble with, which is a brave admission from someone strong and silent, not to mention downright surly. It even warrants whisky in the nail jar. Or is it screws?

The other Hart in the basement with Gibbs is promising insofar that he ponders that he doesn’t ‘know when I may need to saw a lady in half’. He has a candidate right there.

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NCIS – Mother’s Day

This may well qualify as the worst ever episode of NCIS, and with over 150 to choose from, that’s not bad going. Well, it is. But something has to be at the bottom, to prop up all the others.

There are lots of reasons for this, and the main one is that they put so many wrong decisions together in the one episode.

You can’t really have someone like the Director of a Federal Agency condone what Gibbs did. Gibbs shouldn’t have done it, and since he did, Vance should have dealt with it more appropriately. As many fans have said already, it’s somewhat unlikely to have all these people connected to Gibbs witnessing crimes all the time. You could introduce friends and family as just that.

Gibbs and mother-in-law Gena Rowlands

For Gibbs’s mother-in-law to be Shannon’s mother, and for them to be estranged. I don’t know. It didn’t feel right. Gena Rowlands was excellent as the unpleasant mother-in-law, and old enough, if that isn’t a rude observation.

Flashbacks with Sean Harmon as the young Gibbs… Nice for Sean, but he had to be well over 18 in this and he didn’t look it, until it was eight years later and Mark Harmon, who definitely looked more than the 33 or so that Gibbs would have been.

I know. It’s only nerds who sit at home calculating these things.

And the ghastly lawyer was back and she and Gibbs were far too friendly. I can see what he needed to use her for, but what happened to get them to this stage? Keep us guessing – and fuming – by all means, but we need to be in on this, too.

NCIS team

Other than all this, I quite liked it. Palmer was funny, although his girlfriend was a little OTT.

Gibbs in the gents, mopping himself after what must have been a good cry? Hmm.

Interested to see that some fans on Special Ops thinks Gibbs should get less screen time now, because so many new fans are young and crave the younger characters more. What are they watching NCIS for then? And did they ever consider that old women need someone long out of nappies to drool over? Did they? I mean, I like McGee, but I’m old enough to be his mother. In which case I’d be married to Donald Bellisario, and that would be seriously weird.

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NCIS – Masquerade

Hart, Gibbs and DiNozzo

‘I would be happy to leave’ says M A Hart, our dreadful lawyer from a few episodes ago. I wish she would. There are still no sparks, so we’re either still talking bad acting, or a lack of romantic intention. If we’re to believe Gibbs will continue to be Gibbsy, then he’s not going anywhere.

Gibbs, McGee and Vance

One day I really will be so sad that I sit and take notes of good lines all through every episode, because there are some great ones, nicely scattered about. You hear them, and immediately forget them again, because there’s more action. Vance’s ‘someone’s got a serious Greyhound fetish’ is one example.

Gibbs and McGee

Who’d have thought McGee would be ready to stand up to the boss and tell Gibbs ‘it’s an order I’m disobeying’. And Gibbs didn’t even look annoyed. Knowing him, it’s what he expected our ever more handsome nerd to say. I’m not sure what it is. Is it McGee’s hair?

DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva

It’s not just the tuxedo, or the black tie, if we’re being British about it. There was noise about McGee’s attire on Special Ops, and I’m tempted to agree. If I could only have got a good screen grab he’d make it to next year’s calendar at Witch Towers.

McGee, Abby and DiNozzo

Speaking of clothes, Abby’s yellow outfit looked good enough to eat. Never mind that it was to protect her from radiation. As Abby says to McGee, it’s ‘way to cool to take off’. Well, it’s all right for someone who can avoid looking like a teletubby.

Palmer and Gibbs

As for online weddings, or dancing competitions, it makes you wonder if they have an army of people just writing down silly ideas when they encounter things in ‘real life’, with a view to get it out and dust it off one day and put it in an episode. Can I send in my contributions?

Gibbs and M A Hart

Finally, Gibbs, don’t do it! Remember Doppelgänger. It is so not a good idea.

(Photos © CBS)

NCIS – Ignition

M Allison Hart

Really, really couldn’t stand that woman attorney. I realise she’s there to stir things up from time to time, if she is to become one of the regularly recurring characters they have mentioned for NCIS in the spring. But, I feel they need to have an actress who can stir well, so to speak. We’ve had many of them in the past, but this one was so not suited to what she’s there to do. According to people on Special Ops, Rena Sofer has just been killed off in another series. I suggest NCIS follow suit.


Right, now that I’ve got that out of the way, we can proceed. Fairly normal episode with good old-fashioned naval problems. Good for McGee that he got the lead in the investigation, seeing as he really does know an awful lot about ‘jet packs’, whatever they may be. Makes you fly.


Palmer's autopsy

Palmer had a moment or two of glory, which was high time, and very funny. French squirrels! Ducky was surprisingly tolerant when Palmer wanted to chat ‘Ducky style’ during the autopsy. In fact, even Gibbs was patient. For Gibbs, that is.

Palmer and Ducky

And it’s easy to see we will have some recurring problems with Ms Sofer and her associate, whom we met earlier. I suppose it’s too much to expect Damon Werth back?

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