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NCIS – Rekindled

Yes. This was better! It’s looking more and more like it’s down to the scriptwriters, whether or not NCIS is any good. It makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is letting people loose on scripts that they then actually make into real episodes when they are not quite up to it. Or has whoever decides these things – Shane Brennan? – given up on quality control?


You can’t fool long term fans. We love, and we love a lot, but there are limits. The Missionary Position was dreadful in more ways than the title, and written by a newbie. I’m unusual in that I don’t object to Gibbs having a love interest, and I found Dr Ryan a pretty good match the first time she turned up. But what’s this ridiculous rubbish? Silly woman and uncharacteristically soppy/sloppy Gibbs.

DiNozzo and Jason

It was serious DiNozzo this time. Quite an interesting look at his early past, and quite a young looking young DiNozzo, too. ‘He made a difference.’ And the mention of a female lead us all astray, because we know our Tony, or think we do. ‘Practical playboy. Crime scene chic!’ They were nice boots.

According to Pauley Perrette on Twitter we need to pay attention through all last four episodes of season nine. Well, I did my best. The fire theme seems to continue at least one more week. So far it doesn’t strike me as interesting enough for a finale, but please surprise me! I don’t mind in the least to be proven wrong.

Rekindled. Yes, that works in more ways than one, and describes my hopes for the next three episodes as well. Fanime. Or ‘fanimej’ as we Swedes say.


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Mother’s Day repeat

Either the Resident IT Consultant is even more forgetful than I thought, or I was especially lucky with last night’s dinner entertainment. With only minutes to go before the pasta was done I hurriedly picked a not much watched episode from NCIS season 7. It being the eve of Mother’s Day in the UK, I picked Mother’s Day, despite my earlier comments about it being the worst I’d seen. At least that meant I’d not watched it over and over again.

Gibbs and mother-in-law

Not at all, in fact, if last night’s experience was anything to go by. Maybe we watched it without the Resident IT Consultant, and couldn’t be bothered to offer it up a second time. So serendipity provided me with something 100% fresh for my pasta-eating companion. Nice.

And now that I’ve got both hindsight as well as the determination to see if certain writers write better episodes than others, I have to say that not only was Mother’s Day quite good, but it was written by none other than Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner. My remaining complaint is simply that this couldn’t (shouldn’t) have happened in real life. Other than that, very well written.

I’ll have to look up other, half forgotten or ignored episodes. There might be treasure out there. Even for a very big fan.

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NCIS – Psych Out

Dr Cranston and Gibbs

Good solid episode! I’ve not been saying that too much this season of NCIS. And despite Psych Out featuring Kate-who-isn’t-Kate (why does she appear so often now, when she didn’t before?) it didn’t feel as if there was too much of the crime in their midst kind of thing.

McGee and Abby

I’ll have to start doing what I’ve been pondering for a year or so, which is to keep tabs on who writes the best episodes. Early on, they were nearly all good, but more recently it’s been far too uneven. Psych Out was written by Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner. Let’s see if their next one is good, or if the next good episode is theirs.

I like Jamie Lee Curtis, and I thought it was – probably – a Good Thing for her to be on NCIS. But I wasn’t sure. I am now. It worked really well, and I just hope they won’t ruin it later. There wasn’t even any of the soppiness in the script when she and Gibbs get ‘more private.’ We have seen so many idiotic women pass through, that I was beginning to despair. But this ‘Head Brain Gamer’ recognised that Gibbs ‘makes people feel safe.’ She likes questions and he likes answers, making them a good couple.

DiNozzo and Dr Ryan

Her Dr Ryan’s meeting with DiNozzo was perfect, as well. He’s an idiot, and she played him just right. Not so sure about Vance, however. And poor McGee had to actually use paper. Is it even possible? As for finally finding Gibbs in the ladies’ toilet. Well.

Gibbs and Dr Ryan

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