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The Governess

You know how it is, you go to a friend’s bathroom warming, where you chat to someone who seems really interesting. And before you know it, they’re on television, getting a bit famous, and then more famous. And then your bathroom acquaintance is The Governess, aka Anne Hegerty.

Well, I suppose she was Anne Hegerty then too.

I gave her my card – so civilised – and she called in on CultureWitch. We shared a fondness for NCIS, except she was a bit stuck for new episodes, and said that for her Kate was still alive. I suspect her Kate is still alive, as I can’t see how travelling all over the world Governessing will have provided more time for watching television shows in general.

We emailed a bit, and then she joined Facebook, and I slowly realised that she was really going places by being clever. And I can sort of see how she is The Governess, and that she might be scary. But at the same time I can visualise the bathroom warming, and remember what a suitable gift she brought that day.

I need to confess here. I have never watched The Chase. But it seems a lot of people do. I watched the episode of Are You an Egghead? that Anne initially flagged up, when she started out on her quiz career, and I was very proud that she did so well. I simply didn’t have time to keep up with all the quizzing, but decided Anne would do fine even without my ‘help.’

Anne Hegerty

About eight years later I thought I would like to interview her, and she agreed and I emailed some questions, and then she ran out of time, because being The Governess is a bit of a full time job.

Another couple of years on, Anne linked to this interview Radio New Zealand did with her in the summer. I listened to it. It was good. Wallace Chapman asked all the right questions. I looked at mine again, and discovered they were crap. So I’m linking to Radio New Zealand, too. They did a great job and I shall now move on to something that I might actually be good at.

Come to think of it; I need a new bathroom.

A very long time ago

I was at the dentist’s yesterday morning, and managed to pay some attention to what was on the radio, while also being crowned and glued and whatnot.

They were looking back on the long career of Terry Wogan. Radio Two, not the dentist. So there were snippets from Eurovision, with a pretty hilarious voting commentary between Norway and Sweden.

And then Terry was heard to reminisce on the big changes to Eurovision after ABBA won in 1974. They played Waterloo, and while I didn’t quite lie there singing along, it was still fun.

The dentist asked me if I could remember this. I said that yes, of course, I could. I didn’t tell him exactly where I was or what I was doing, but I do remember. I wasn’t an ABBA fan in those days. (My dentist, who is a very lovely dentist, won’t have been born then.)

And the next thing he asked was whether the members of ABBA were well known in Sweden before Waterloo. I said they were, but didn’t dare point out I’d been a fan of BB almost ten years earlier. And more recently one of the As. He’s very good with general knowledge stuff and irrelevant facts, and can manage a long conversation on exoplanets if he has to. But clearly not ancient ABBA facts.

You had to have been there.

Terry Wogan

There was just one thing I wondered about in 1982. Who’s Terry Wogan? His name was everywhere, and that was without me even ‘looking.’

As is always the case when everyone seems to know something that you don’t, you sort of hesitate to ask. In case it makes you look stupid. So I didn’t ask about this Terry Wogan, but as chance would have it, when the Resident IT Consultant departed for his early train to London every morning, I switched the radio to Radio Two, and after a while I discovered that I was listening to Terry most mornings.

It was very nice, rather like having a kind and intelligent friend come round. This was in the days when there wasn’t so much entertainment available; we had no television, for example. And obviously none of the timewasting things we all enjoy today.

There was just Terry. And to me he was such a radio person, that when we eventually had a television and he was on it, I felt it wasn’t quite right. I did come to expect him for Eurovision and Children in Need, but radio is where Terry belonged.

And now he’s gone.

That Naughtie moment

This is a culture blog, and anything vaguely cultural can end up here. So here is James Naughtie with his Culture Secretary moment.

But amusing though that was, I still prefer Charlotte Green getting the giggles. I gather James was involved that time, too. Shame someone had died.

And that’s why I’d never want to work on live radio, or anything else live, for that matter. Not that anyone would have me… But when you laugh until you cry it really is impossible to stop.