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NCIS beginnings and ends – Pyramid and Nature of the Beast

There is no question but I found this pair the weak link of all the NCIS season starters and endings. Doesn’t mean they are no good, and several viewings later, Pyramid is growing on me, if not literally.

Gibbs and FBI Agent Stratton

Watching Nature of the Beast recently was a better experience, too. I suspect because we had seen Stratton die (or had we?) and we had belatedly grown fonder of him than we ought to have. And seeing Kate’s sister yet again had ceased to be news, so was more OK.

But I never took to EJ’s team. She felt fake, and any problems they had were none of my business. There might have been no nepotism, but I don’t believe the satnav connection was pure chance.

Abby was too fond of Cade. It felt like too much telling and less showing. New satnav (yes, I do know that’s not his job description, exactly) is not marvellous. I like the actor but not the boss of the navy.

The star of Pyramid is Palmer. Out of character, but wonderful nevertheless.

Gibbs, Ducky and Palmer

And the question I am left with is if they really have that many double-crossing people in all those American alphabet agencies in real life? I know we don’t trust them, but it’s still got the feel of fictional tool.

I didn’t spend last summer waiting with bated breath to see what would happen. As always with friends, I wanted to see the team again. But the action was of little importance.

This summer I’ve been too busy to think much about what will happen. But Till Death Do Us Part at least ended with a bang…

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NCIS – Nature of the Beast

Is it going to be a case of killing your Kate and still having her? One episode of sister Rachel might seem reasonable, but two? I feel we might be in for even more. Not that I mind as such, but I wonder if this is the next best thing to the impossible resurrection of Agent Todd?

Oh well.

The start of season nine was beginning to look ill-fated as I had to wait almost 48 hours to watch it. But we finally sat down, and managed not to slurp soup all over the sofa. (We were only able to squeeze in the viewing by having our – badly planned – dinner with NCIS.)

Gibbs and FBI Agent Stratton

To be honest, it was OK as an episode, but not exactly a season-starter. That’s what I thought, anyway. Nice to see people back, but with it being DiNozzo centred, there was far too little of most everyone else. It’s as if when we get together again after a long wet summer we want to all meet in a ‘group hug’ and there was none of that.

It felt like a weak copy of the beginning of season seven, coupled with Gibbs’s amnesia from Hiatus. Michael Weatherly is a good actor, but he seemed to be flogging a dead horse in that hospital room, being over-analysed by his Dr Cranston.

The baddie looked bad from the word go. I’d love more sympathetic bad guys, so that I can feel surprise and disappointment when they are revealed. OK, so we did get a bit of that with DiNozzo’s quarry, who was the one I’d been sure it wouldn’t be, because of Abby.

Vance and Gibbs

We are clearly in for a rough ride with the new SatNav (I know what his title is!), but he’s got some good points. The old one was too whiny.

It’s nice to be back. Let’s have more of the whole team next week!

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For All Time

I have a confession to make. Or maybe it’s not I who should confess. Because I live in the wrong part of the world I never saw For All Time on television. When I started searching for the DVD I found it doesn’t exist. Considering how many really crap DVDs of terrible films you can buy, it would seem someone fell asleep on the job when they didn’t put this on DVD. The YouTube snippets suggested I really would like the film, so I looked on eBay where it was offered at an inflated price. I even – shock, horror – contemplated downloading it on the internet. Except there were no downloads available. And if what’s sold on eBay is a homemade video-to-DVD then the price needs to reflect that. In the end I found a cheaper copy somewhere else. The picture quality is bad and the sound is dreadful, and someone who shouldn’t, made money out of this. But at least I was able to see the film.

Mark Harmon and Mary McDonnell in For all Time

For All Time is about time travel, but not the sci-fi kind. It’s more a reflection on the stress of modern life and how many of us wish we could be somewhere else. Mark Harmon plays a man who accidentally ends up in the past when he travels to work by train. He meets a widow with a young daughter and he falls in love. He goes back and forth a few times. He’d like to stay there and he also feels he should stay with his wife in today’s world. It’s not an obvious choice.

And then he makes his mind up, but things don’t go smoothly.

The film is both a romantic dream as well as a true picture of modern life at the turn of the century. There is no absolute right or wrong, but given a choice you still need to decide.

As people say on IMDb, there needs to be a DVD of this film. Seeing that there are a few people around who like Mark Harmon, and seeing that there are people like the Resident IT Consultant who likes trains and the romance of the ‘olden days’, I reckon there are a few potential buyers out there.

Someone please do something!