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The world was made for him, and us

Goodbye, Pete Seeger. I was sorry to hear Pete has died, but so very grateful that we had him for as long as we did.

This is what I blogged when he was 90 and that still stands. I’m amazed Pete was able to go on performing for another four and a half years.

We desperately need people like him, but I’m not sure if, and where, we can hope to find that sort of person any longer. Someone with a message. Someone who will just keep at it, no matter what.

Thank you for all you did, Pete!


Slow conversion

I am slowly – very slowly – converting LPs to mp3. It’s not as though it’s hard to do, nor do I own hundreds of LPs.

But each normal length LP probably requires an hour’s attention to convert, and that is less easy to find than I had imagined. You need to sit with the record deck and the laptop as it plays, and click new track for each new track. If I were to do anything else at the same time I’d just forget, and end up having to do it all over again. So, false economy with time.

At first I only intended to do my Roger Whittaker albums, since a surprising number of his songs only exist on vinyl, and I noticed I was forgetting some of them because they weren’t part of the iPod shuffle.

Joan Baez

But as I discovered how good I felt reconnecting with his albums, I decided I would do all my LPs, unless I already had them in a newer format. So I am mixing Roger with all the other old albums. I did a Pete Seeger one the other day, and have been enjoying my first Joan Baez double album from forty years ago.

When I persuaded the Resident IT Consultant it would be a good idea to convert, I fondly imagined an LP a week would be a realistic goal. With my current speed (or lack thereof) I’ll be forever doing this. But at least I will have a satisfying hobby for years to come.

Pete Seeger is 90

Was it fake memory syndrome, or wasn’t it? At the time (mid 1990s), I wasn’t sure. Had I actually seen Pete Seeger live at the Royal Albert Hall? It felt like I had, but was it really possible that I had seen this fantastic legendary singer? Yes, it was. I found the ticket and the programme and the poster in a cupboard soon after. Looking back now, I sort of recall that Pete Seeger appeared with Quilapayún from Chile, some time at the end of the 1970s.

Pete Seeger

At the time I never stopped to consider that one day it might feel even more special, because in those days I believed that we would all live forever. Thanks to my younger self for having gone to that concert.

And isn’t it amazing that this wonderful protest singer is still with us, and still singing at the age of ninety? When I despair and wonder what the world is coming to, it’s a relief to know that some people haven’t given up.

I’m including the video of Pete singing at Obama’s inauguration. The picture quality isn’t so good, but what a fantastic day it must have been.

And then there’s Tom Paxton’s What did you learn in school today? Still as valid as ever, after all these years.

Happy 90th Birthday, Pete Seeger!