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NCIS – Ships in the Night

It’s never a good idea to say words like ‘overboard’ and ‘safe bet’ at the beginning of an episode. Something has to happen. Well, something does have to happen, or we wouldn’t have an episode. But anyway.

The Potomac

Good to see Agent Abby Borin back, but correct me if I’m wrong; I thought she and our Abby didn’t get on, even at the end of the last episode they were in? Now they were the best of friends. Hmm. Agent Abby is very Gibbs-like, in attitude and tastes in coffee and being able to work on no sleep at all. Unlike poor McGee. It wasn’t that long since he slept on the job last time. Sleepy McGee

Shame that the Coast Guard Cocker Spaniel died, but trust Abby to keep track of all enlisted animals. It was a shame that the dead guy died as well. Marine First Lieutenant (phew) Nolan seemed really nice. I wish they didn’t poke long straws into the bullet holes, though. It’s a bit eurgh.

Gibbs and Abby Borin

Almost romantic that Gibbs brought Agent Abby clean clothes, and she didn’t kick up a fuss about getting changed. It was rather like old-fashioned westerns, where the beautiful lady takes her clothes off behind a screen. Bits of boat do the same job. And speaking of clothes it might not have been coincidence that the waiters wore mustard coloured waistcoats, visible within seconds of DiNozzo going on about Colonel Mustard. Tasteless as usual. DiNozzo, not mustard.

So human (why that should come as a surprise, I don’t know) that NCIS (the real one) offers comp time just like more boring workplaces. And just think what they could get up to if DiNozzo took time in lieu.

Three rule #1 is at least one too many. I’ll allow two of them seeing as there were two people with rules. But it wasn’t Agent Abby’s rule #1 that was broken, it was Gibbs’s rule #1. Only one of them; never put suspects together. Works well, though.

Gibbs and 'Abses'

As Gibbs said to the ladies, ‘Abses, that is good work’. But our Abby did go through quite a few Caf-Pows for it, even if it wasn’t ‘the record’ of which we don’t talk.

What was Di Nozzo doing with his rucksack on inside his coat? Hunchback of the Navy Yard?

(Photos © CBS)