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Same dress again

She was right, the blog reader who thought I might know about Pam Dawber’s dress. She was also wrong, because I had to look things up, but it wasn’t exactly hard research.

Pam was photographed wearing a rather fetching dress at an event for Stuntmen’s Association last year.

And my eagle-eyed reader then found Pam wearing the same dress back in 1967, but while she wondered about the rich and famous recycling their wardrobe, she also felt it did seem far too long ago. It was. Pam would have been 16 at the time, twenty years before she married Mark Harmon, who was also in the photograph. I can’t afford Getty prices to use photos, so can’t show you, but the link takes you there, and it does say 1967.

That’s when Dr Dolittle the film premiered. I would guess that the Dr Dolittle premiere Pam and Mark were seen at might have been the stage production in 1998. They look about right for it to have been then. And the dress would have been a mere 15 years old when it came back out for the Stuntmen.

I reckon even Hollywood stars recycle. Pam strikes me as the kind of woman who  would. And unlike my reader and me, the dress still fit her.

These you liked best

In short, you liked NCIS.

The top five posts in 2012 were three on Abby’s tattoos, one on Gibbs’s watch strap, and one about Pam Dawber.

Have you really no other hobbies? Great! That’s what I like to hear. (I am sorry I’ve not kept up as well with new episodes as previously, but will do my best to watch more NCIS, faster, and blogging about it sooner.)

Wordpress 2012 blogging report

2012 was the year when CultureWitch almost caught up with Bookwitch in numbers which, frankly, feels very strange. Most of you came from the US, but my visitors from the other 156 countries were also more than welcome.

Here’s to 2013, and may it occasionally have something other than NCIS to offer!

Mork & Mindy

It was mainly curiosity that made me want to see what Mork & Mindy was like. I remember it used to be on television during our television-less days, which is as good an excuse as any for not having watched it at the time.

So, thirty years on, I have sampled the first two episodes, and, well…

Interesting, is one word. Typical for its period, is another. I don’t know if I would have liked it then. I have definitely outgrown that style of show by now, although I noticed the Resident IT Consultant looking relaxed and amused.

Come to think of it, he knows what it’s like to share your home with an alien.

Mork & Mindy

I used to enjoy Robin Williams on Sesame Street, but have had little patience with him in most other things. And I found him very tiresome as Mork. Amusingly agile, standing on his head, and with funny alien lines, observing us humans being absurd. But an annoying voice. And his outlandish clothes seem quite normal now.

The biggest surprise for me was Pam Dawber, who acted far better than I’d expected for an early effort like this. I might have imagined someone beautiful, but not much more. Loved her clothes, and then there’s the ‘best hair on television’ again.

And why do all homes in US sitcoms look the same? I’m assuming American homes aren’t styled like that, with large sofa in the centre, and door behind it through which all kinds of weird people come and go? Also guessing the pilot had the ten minutes with Fonzie to make people like it. Incomprehensible to me, who don’t know him except through hearsay.

I’d better stop now, hadn’t I? I liked Pam, and some of the humour was was fun.

One more thing. Mork’s hair grew alarmingly in the second episode, only to shrink back to what it was. Blooper, or is that alien hair? (Mine doesn’t do that.)

It’s the girls they want

So, how often do people search for Chris O’Donnell? Here, not much at all. I won’t go so far as to say never, because that would probably be a lie. But I’m willing to bet that the bosses at CBS rate him higher than the ‘girls’ on NCIS: Los Angeles. I also imagine they pay him more.

CultureWitch searches

Perhaps it’s time they realised how popular the ladies are. From L A most of my visitors want Renée Felice Smith. A few are after Daniela Ruah and occasionally it’s Linda Hunt they want to read about.

Sofie Gråbøl pops up occasionally and recently I’ve had some interest in Kate O’Mara, so presumably she’s ‘up to something.’

But for the most part my searches want Pam Dawber, with and without husband Mark Harmon. (Now CBS, him you can pay. People are always wanting him. Mark can almost be an honorary female on here.) They look for Pauley Perrette and her alter ego Abby. They look for her tattoos.

OK, I don’t know how much money Pam Dawber makes these days. Once, I’m certain she made more than her groom-to-be. I suspect that for all her fan following Pauley earns less than the men on NCIS do. And isn’t it interesting how few blog visitors look for Cote de Pablo?


As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I am getting impatient with Callen. Maybe I’m not the only one? They like showing off the pretty faces of Renée and Daniela, and don’t mind letting their characters get the better of the male characters. But do they rate them?

I remember the furore when it was discovered that the male presenters on Blue Peter were better paid than the female ones. It’s very hard justifying more money for a man jumping out of a plane than a woman doing the same. The effort of transforming an empty bottle of washing-up liquid can’t vary all that much between the sexes.

There is just that automatic assumption that men need more money. Are more deserving.

But I happened to start thinking about babies the other day. It’s great with a successful show on television. We fans like them. Another season – or five – is good news. The actresses have the advantage of a ‘secure’ job and the money – even for women – can’t be bad. But what about having babies? The first thing Sasha Alexander did when Kate was killed off was to get pregnant. Maybe Ziva and Abby and Nell and Kensi don’t want to be mothers. How would you choose? Leave a good series and leave the fans screaming, or go without children?

At least pay them more! And stop and think about how they might actually be more popular than Callen.

I’ll Remember April

This is a lovely film, about the shameful period in US history when they forced US citizens of Japanese extraction to live in internment camps. It’s something I didn’t know much about at all, and where I expected a mediocre film, I felt I got a charming and instructive story about what might have been a brief part of American history, but so very traumatic for those involved.

I'll Remember April

In 1942 four boys discover an injured Japanese submariner on the beach where they live in California. They are scared, and don’t know whether to kill him or report him or help him. One of the boys, Duke, has a brother in the war, another is a Japanese American and about to be interned.

It’s both funny and touching as you see their fear and the excitement, and the frenzy whipped up in their little town when the FBI arrive. Duke’s parents are normal upright people who stand up for their Japanese neighbours, and worry about their soldier son as well as the father working double shifts because there is a war on. So different from other war time films where we are made to believe that the American way of life never changed because they didn’t fight ‘at home.’

Things turn bad, as they have to, but the film ends on a hopeful note.

For a fairly unknown little film, there were some good performances from all involved, including Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon as Duke’s parents, and especially from Pat Morita as their elderly Japanese neighbour. I could watch this again. It was cute, but the seriousness of the politics counterbalance this perfectly.

Finding Pam Dawber

Recently, online searches for Pam Dawber have overtaken even those for Abby’s tattoos, which for so long have been my most wanted items. And it’s easy to post blogs on Abby and her tattoos. Far harder to give readers anything new on Pam. Or even something old. There is simply not very much about Pam out there.

But then I stumbled across a proper length ‘interview‘ with Pam on YouTube. Can’t remember what I was actually looking for, but there it was. And I’m fairly certain it hadn’t been available before. Intimate Portrait: Pam Dawber, Lifetime Real Women, and I’m guessing it’s a television programme from about 15 years ago, judging by what people look like. Pam herself looks as beautiful as ever, and ‘Mr Dawber’ still has dark(ish) hair.

Pam Dawber

It’s divided into five parts, presumably where the breaks for commercials would have come. It’s a nice interview, albeit with little new content. Interesting to see Pam’s friends and colleagues talking about her, and sometimes I’m just really surprised to find people are willing to tell so much. Pam strikes me as a woman who likes her private life private, in which case this portrait is her pay-off, ‘you can have this, but that’s all you get’ kind of thing.

Pam Dawber is 60!

Another year. Another birthday. Who would even think that Pam Dawber – the woman with the ‘best hair on television…’ – is 60 today?

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber

And here she is, celebrating with that other 60-year-old. I feel there’s enough glasses there for a party.

Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon in I'll Remember April

And because it’s difficult finding recent photos, I’m being contrary and going for something much older. So here they are, playing a married couple in the film I’ll Remember April, from 2000. I’ve read somewhere that they discovered this was a lot harder than they’d expected.

Oh well. Never again, then.

A big sister indeed

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an interesting and worthwhile charity, and many of us could do with a big sister or a big brother, despite not necessarily being deprived in other ways. I may be old, but I feel the need of someone like that from time to time. So it goes without saying that for children and young people who don’t have much, it provides a vital service. It’s sort of a part time adoption scheme, if you like.

Pam Dawber supports Big Brothers Big Sisters, and this is her grand entrance at last year’s gala.

I’m amazed at how she manages to smile so radiantly for so long. It’s Pam’s 59th birthday today, but she was a mere 58 when this video clip was taken. I hope she will continue to fundraise for BBBS for many more years.

Interviews and chat shows

Or ‘prat show’ as they are called in Sweden. It actually means chat show, but when looked at from the English language point of view it’s a slightly unfortunate description.

Interviews; I like them to be different from everything else you’ve seen or heard about the subject. I know that it could be someone’s first time, but for any fan to read yet another interview where X is asked the same questions yet again, drives me mad. I even found that I share my opinions with the editor of Elle, as to the desirability of a long interview slot and one-to-one only, with time to almost get to know X.

It’s what I like, but don’t always get. And I see no reason to offend someone on purpose with too personal a question. That’s why I don’t mind asking my subject to quickly look over the finished interview, to find things that aren’t right. With no scandal in mind, I’m more interested in deleting that extra sister I accidentally gave them, or finding that I’ve misheard their favourite quote.

I may have been too unkind to Mark Harmon on this blog a couple of months ago, when I said that he only ever says the same thing in interviews, over and over. He does, and he doesn’t. Each start of the new NCIS season he is wheeled out on the chat shows to say something, and the same goes for the end of every NCIS season. They ask him the standard questions, and the main difference in Mark’s replies is the number of the current season. And maybe the number of episodes they’ve done so far.

He’s really just the show’s representative, there to make people watch NCIS. Maybe it’s hard to make up new answers, maybe he can’t be bothered. Or perhaps CBS want him to say these very things, or the chat show host does.

Mark Harmon and Jay Leno

If we’re lucky, then the Lenos or the Craig Fergusons of this world will also choose to chat about something else, more personal, but still steering clear of Mark’s very private private life. It does feel, though, as if they pick the subject beforehand. ‘Let’s talk about holidays tonight’, say, or ‘let’s do that one about your father yet again’.

There were some indifferent or bad chat programme chats with Mark last autumn, but I suppose he has to do them when asked/told to. They weren’t unpleasant so much as just bad. That’s not counting the really dreadful one on Lopez Tonight, which surely overstepped the boundaries of decency. Real prat show, that. And Mark had to sit there and not punch the man in the face, because that wouldn’t be so good for NCIS. (Actually, I think it would.)

Mark Harmon

So, nice to see that he was back on Leno last week. Not so nice that the television channel removed all traces of it from YouTube and the like. This time it was the 150 episodes that came up, followed by a very manly chat about cars. So each time we get a little piece of Mark’s life, but the man is better than anyone I’ve come across for keeping people off. And I had no idea that Americans learned to drive in school. In the olden days.

At least on television we get Mark in person. Magazine articles often appear to quote what other people say about him, so I would guess he’s not too keen to take part. And most of them rehash the same stuff again. But his name sells.

Pam Dawber

I may be an idiot, but I don’t get why on all the shows they have to point out to Mark who he is married to. I’ve not come across that with other victims, so is this special for some reason? Other than to the two people involved. But I’d say that when someone next tells Mark that his wife has the best hair on television, that he just thanks them. It’s a compliment, after all, even if he didn’t create Pam’s hair himself.

See, I just mentioned her myself. I’m no better than the rest.

Pam Dawber’s birthday

Pam Dawber at Autism Speaks fundraiser

Pam Dawber is 58 today. She doesn’t look it. I wish the tired old witch could look half as good as Pam, or that I had half her talents. Some people act. Some sing. Some are models. Others are spokespersons for various things. Or they are simply famous. Pam does it all. And her children are the same ages as Offspring, so I have no excuses to offer there either.

Unlike many other glamourous Hollywood stars, Pam always dresses well. None of the ‘what on earth is she wearing?’ moments. More sort of ‘I’d love that dress, too’.

I like this photo especially. Not just because it’s a good one, but because it was taken at an autism fundraising event. I don’t know if Pam is actively interested in autism, but I hope so. As it’s her birthday I have chopped off the man standing next to her. Not Mr ‘Dawber’, aka Mark Harmon, but Brian Dietzen. What was Pam doing out with Jimmy Palmer?