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NCIS – Life Before His Eyes or This is your wonderful life, Gibbs

It was too sad, too introspective, to be a 200th celebration. I’d been afraid of confusion and a rush to get through all those old and ‘new old’ characters for NCIS’s milestone episode no.200. That part was OK. It’s nice to see old friends, and foes, for that matter.

Gibbs in his diner

I loved the diner where Gibbs goes. Very classic sort of place and just suited to someone like him. It’s a lovely idea to find the people you care about all gathered somewhere like it. But it got confusing, keeping track of who was dead. And the question is, considering what Gibbs learned through meeting both the obvious people and some unexpected ones, will he remember his lesson and be happier in future?

Is a happy Gibbs a good thing?

There was no question but that ‘his people’ love him. But would they have, in this alternate world? What was Vance doing playing chess with Ari? And Jenny Shepard and Kate were far too cardboardy. I know why, but it was almost scary.

One day surely Gibbs will have to ask the girl masquerading as Kelly whether she really is his daughter. Is that daughter number three or four? Having the young Gibbs carrying on with his Marine colleague also felt slightly inappropriate.

Ducky, McGee and Abby

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need to get back to normal next week. And after all that psychoanalysis Gibbs will be more than ready for another woman.

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NCIS – Enemies Domestic and LA – Deliverance

Or we could simply say it was about the bosses and their Russians. And the past. I wonder if they decided on plots together, or if it just happened?

Hetty continued with her old men friends with their bad foreign accents. She must have shrunk even more, because I don’t remember Hetty being half of anyone else’s height. But she’s a shrewd little thing.

NCIS: Los Angeles was good this time round, with the double episode. Though I couldn’t quite see the rationale behind Kensi’s predicament with the red lines. It was there more to let Deeks be resourceful, than anything. But at least they didn’t kiss.

Fantastic to see what they can do to make actors look twenty years younger. You could see it was the young Vance, but he looked sufficiently unlike himself that it was realistic. The main problem with men turning younger is that they have got heavier with age. So they rejuvenated several of the actors, and then proceeded to fail with Gibbs, yet again.

The scriptwriters must have been desperate to have another ‘chick fight’. Nice to see they could avoid making the unpleasant people the baddies, and instead make us like the one who ‘did it’, before making us ‘unlike’.

They had worked hard on tying up so many little details from the past that I’m not sure there’s much left to tie up in future. Some were nice to see, while others would have been better left alone.

All in all, a good week, except we have to wait three weeks until the next time…

NCIS – Enemies Foreign

I was slightly taken aback when Daughter stated that she was sorry, but she ‘didn’t like that very much’. I’d just been thinking that this week’s episode of NCIS had been pretty good, and she doesn’t usually hate things quite so suddenly.

So, the car blew up...

Turns out it was the lasagne she didn’t care for. That’s all right. It was only my own lentil lasagne, and as long as she enjoyed the entertainment that went with it I don’t mind. Really.

I got confused last week, thinking it was going to be a two-parter with DiNozzo Sr. It was a Daddy centred thing all right, except it’s this week and next, and it’s Eli David who’s the Daddy. Although he may not continue being anything at all at this rate.

Love seeing the team wearing suits. But I suppose if they always dressed up they wouldn’t be dressing up. And this being a seriously unfinished two-parter I’ll say no more. We’ll wait until next week. When I will not be serving lasagne, that’s for sure.



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