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Our antique

That is a nice piece!’ said Mrs G. Trust her to home in on the one thing that is different. Not IKEA tat. Not your average junk shop treasure. But something passed down the generations in the Resident IT Consultant’s family.

The Faraday dish. It was part of Michael Faraday’s dinner service. A wedding present, I think. So it’s old. We never use it, and most of the time it sits well away from daily life, just in case.

The Faraday dish

Mrs G knew a lot about ‘things,’ which is why that piece of china leaped out at her when she visited. Not literally, obviously, or it would no longer be with us. She must have just let her eyes wander round the room, and she noticed it.

The Grandparents had two; one larger and one smaller. They were intended for each of their sons, and being able to pick first (not that I am a son, exactly) I picked the larger one. Is larger better? We haven’t seen the smaller one for some time, so I am guessing it finally made its way across the Atlantic.

Whichever family member you visit, you tend to find a piece of the Faraday service. There must have been an awful lot of pieces to begin with, and I can’t help wondering how they were passed down. And how and why.