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NCIS beginnings and ends – Aliyah and Truth or Consequences

Aliyah is strong in that it was a tough decision for Gibbs to leave Ziva behind in Israel, but there is something in the way she behaves that’s not quite Ziva. Too soft. Too furtive. She must have known she couldn’t do what she did and just remain as though nothing had happened.

DiNozzo and Gibbs


McGee and Abby

The scene where DiNozzo is interviewed by Eli David is priceless. DiNozzo is often most annoying when in ‘DiNozzo mode’ but this is good. Clearly thought out, and with a purpose, and it works.

And then you counter the ‘old’ Ziva with the one in Truth or Consequences, and even more so, DiNozzo as the knight in shining white armour. Still fooling around, but again, with a purpose.

The rescue mission might not be terribly likely or realistic, but it’s very enjoyable. And in-between the heroics and the violence, there is the day-to-day humour, as told by DiNozzo. The hiring of a replacement for Ziva is so well done. We know they won’t really do it, but it half looks like they might.

The needle in the haystack, the anomaly, the Caf-Pow. It’s different. And the way Vance allows Gibbs and his team to do what they want to do, without using words.

‘How was your summer?’ must count as the understatement of what even DiNozzo would say at the end of a long separation. But the humour deals far better with the harsh reality of how Ziva’s summer was, than any amount of sympathy would have done.

Ziva, DiNozzo and Gibbs

Even though the ending to season six is weak-ish, you are still left wanting to know what happens next. As a beginning, season seven is one of the best. It was worth waiting for.

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NCIS beginnings and ends – Judgment Day and Last Man Standing

One of the best pairs. The kind that really left us snapping for oxygen over the summer. More so because the strike during the winter of season five meant we went several episodes short.

Ziva and DiNozzo

Shepard and Franks

Gibbs and Ziva

Ziva and DiNozzo

Vance, Ziva and Gibbs


McGee, Vance and Gibbs

Gibbs, McGee and DiNozzo

Palmer, Gibbs and Vance

They made up for quantity by writing some real quality episodes to round off season five. You can argue that they only ever kill off the women, but Director Shepard was ready to go. Lauren Holly might not have been, but we were done with her character, and she went out with all guns blazing, which is the best way.

Wasn’t just guns which blazed, come to think of it. That was some funeral pyre Gibbs and Franks came up with, as the solution to all their problems. They killed a lot of birds in the final double episode. We got a western, as well as a California beach dream, followed by a grieving team. But after Kate, we could cope with anything. And Vance had already been eased into the role of taking over.

We were used to him. Almost liked him, despite that awful toothpick. So they had to go and make him temporary bad guy over the summer. I don’t think I ever saw so much fan speculation as that year. People screen-capped the shredder, to try and see what Vance was shredding.

We hated him. Bad or good, no one comes and splits up our team.

And then we returned to a new but still totally old set-up. New agents. Old roles. The ‘real’ team had new jobs. Some where happy. Others not. But it was done so well!

Gibbs and Vance cornering Palmer is priceless. The way the scriptwriters mixed silly humour with the deep sadness of losing an agent and friend takes a lot of skill. You went from giggles to tears to fury and back.

Not everything got sorted, but we were on a journey once more.

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Endgame and Killshot

It’s tricky. I told the Retired Children’s Librarian that she had to persist with NCIS last season, when she found she hated the NCIS:Los Angeles spin-off. Too much shooting, she said, and I would guess she just wasn’t ready for so many new characters, when all she wanted was the ‘Gibbs family’. I pointed out that to start with, NCIS was itself a spin-off. Yes, she knew that, as a regular viewer of JAGS. And, I said, she would miss out on the continuity of the NCIS plot without LA.

But I’d expected her problem to be over once the two spin-off episodes were done with. It seems not. Not only do some of the regular characters appear in NCIS:Los Angeles, too, but plot lines and temporary characters move around, as well. So, after watching NCIS Endgame yesterday, do I need to phone the Retired Children’s Librarian and tell her she needs to keep up with the folks in LA, still?

Leon Vance

Because Endgame was an almost direct continuation of Killshot, from a few weeks ago. You can watch it on its own, but it helps if you’ve come across Leon Vance’s nemesis before. Kai became a much more rounded person on a second meeting, and I thought Endgame was good. And it didn’t end the way so many fans on Special Ops had predicted/feared.

Poor McGee didn’t have the loveliest of times, but he did really well, and we love him for it. And Mrs Vance is a force to reckon with. Great woman, and her hubby is lucky to have her. I think he knows.

Until NCIS:Los Angeles takes off properly, on its own merits, I suspect we’ll continue to have plots and characters crossing the continent. If only I could take LA seriously.

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Aliyah, end of another NCIS season


After all that build-up of how NCIS was going to end, it fell a little bit flat, I think. Unless something drastic was going to take place, it could only end one way, and it did. DiNozzo continued to be less of a buffoon, which is good.  

DiNozzo down

Still some uncertainty as to whether the good Director Vance is good or bad, or possibly just human and a little of both.

For the first time ever, almost, Gibbs seemed a little lost, and the script writers tweaking the meaning of things that happened years ago, to suit more recent developments, seemed a little far fetched.

Bourbon and basement

As season finale cliffhangers go, this was a minor one. But it will do to make us speculate over the summer.

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NCIS – the plot thickens, again


There was that woman from Hustle, which I don’t watch. But she sort of fits in with the ties between NCIS and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., with Robert Vaughn somewhere in the middle. Then we had satnav and jam jars. I know he’s really the Secretary of the Navy, but it sounds like satnav when they say it. Just imagine feeding him Bourbon from a jam jar. Unpretentious is what it is.

Michael and Ziva

The half dead colleague from the spin-off is not yet dead, but interest is being kept up.

Di Nozzo and Michael

And then we have poor Ziva and her beau/non-beau. And what may turn into  major international incident. Or not, if Gibbs works hard. On the other hand, the next episode of NCIS is the last for now, and we need to be left gasping.


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Legend part 2


That was clever. They must have heard me say I wasn’t sure I’d watch the NCIS spin-off once it starts. With no Gibbs or Abby, why would I? So, they kill someone off. Or do they? Really calculating and clever. We’re now going to be hanging on, just to find out.

Macy and Gibbs

Some things are explained, and other aspects of the plot are left for the remaining two episodes of series six. And probably beyond. At least we now know what caused the antipathy between Macy and Gibbs, and let me tell you I had wondered about this particular thing before. Though not in connection with anyone. Just felt it was a lose end.

Sniper Monthly

 That psychologist seems a little superfluous. Nice enough, but stands around stating the obvious. And last week I laughed at the idea, because there really can’t be a Sniper Monthly magazine, can there? 

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NCIS – Legend

Lonely Tony

Not sure what I think of spin-offs in general, and less sure what I thought of the new NCIS spin-off. Perhaps when it’s ‘spinning off’ from something you know and love, it’s harder to take in the new stuff, and to like it. Be interesting to know if they will blend with each other ever again.

The new Gibbs?

Legend part 1 was OK. The NCIS aspect was fine, but it will take a while to grasp what the new gang in Los Angeles are up to. There is a female ‘Gibbs’ with a past, with Gibbs. There is a very tall psychologist, and various under-cover agents.

The new team

They have so many electronic toys to play with that poor McGee is mentally re-writing his list for Christmas. Daddy Gibbs looked a little impatient with him. Washington probably doesn’t have the budget. Well, who does? California, obviously.

A new Ari?

As promised Tony has started digging into Ziva’s past, and it does not look good. Something bad and upsetting will happen. Question is what. The spoilers on Special Ops suggest bad, bad. Do we have another Ari situation, or not?


As it was part 1, we finished off hanging from a cliff, metaphorically speaking. Just getting used to that, I suspect, before the end of series six in a few weeks’ time. More cliffhanging on the way, to take care of summer for us.

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