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NCIS – Cracked


OK, let’s get the ghastly sight of Tony dressed up out of the way right here and now. I haven’t done a close-up, as it would be too much for the world to take. For a Halloween episode Cracked came a little early for any real creepiness.

Tony as Tony

McGee and Abby


Abby in autopsy

This Abby centred episode seems to have divided fans, with some being disappointed and others loving it. I’m somewhere in the middle, feeling they got it mostly right but not totally. I gather it was a new writer, which might explain things.

There was no humour. Not even Tony as Tony Manero was funny. I could find none of the loving ribbing between the agents. McGee standing there when the bus left was only to be expected. Nothing was made of Abby drinking too many Caf-Pows.

Gibbs was OK, but it’s easier for a man who thrives on serious. Ducky didn’t go on for too long about something totally irrelevant. Palmer didn’t say anything inappropriate. He should.

Unusual to find Abby out and about, travelling by bus and walking round the university she found after hours on the bus. Seeing her in autopsy was just plain sad, and the bereaved mother getting called in to sort Abby out was weird.

OK, so I did like this episode. It just doesn’t sound like it. It’s the lack of humour. I hope it was intentional (though that would be stupid for a series which thrives on the amusing and the ridiculous), and that this writer will find something funny for next time.

But it’s good to concentrate on Abby for Halloween week.

Halloween in Abby's lab

(Photos © CBS)