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NCIS: Los Angeles – Deep Trouble

Well, yes. They jumped in at the deep end, in more ways than one.

But duel by décolletage? Really? Poor Deeks didn’t know what hit him. Or rather, he probably did and wished he’d seen this coming. (Unlikely and unprofessional, I say, but good entertainment.)

Talia and Kensi

And doesn’t it strike people as odd to have a former Navy SEAL phobic about so many everyday type of things? Clowns. Diarrhoea… Submarines. It’s charmingly normal, which I suppose is the thinking behind making Agent Hanna so human. If it was Callen I wouldn’t worry about it.

I was expecting the diarrhoea to come to something (pardon), but the only toilet related aspect was the cat fight over Deeks. At least now we know where the toilet is in the boat shed.

Callen and Sam

I don’t believe Sam Hanna will perish in his nightmare, and I’m sure Hetty will be just fine. If Linda Hunt wants her to be. I could see she’d want to retire, in which case I’m sure she’ll go out in style.

So, NCIS didn’t end with a cliff-hanger, but LA did, and as effectively as last year, if not as literally. It was deeper this time, so to speak.

All in all, a good episode. Not so great that the start of season six (on a Monday, no less) is bound to disappoint. Anything could happen, and I think I said that about NCIS as well. We have to assume CBS reckon LA can stand on its own two feet by now, and that it’s New Orleans needing the support of big brother NCIS.