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Friends and Faking It

I feel better for it. I’ve been so busy with the Edinburgh International Book Festival, that I haven’t had a single day relaxing with NCIS. It’s now only three weeks until season eight begins, and so far this summer, the lunching with an old episode of NCIS has fallen by the wayside something shocking.

Just had a Stilton toasted sandwich while enjoying Faking It, with Ziva and McGee searching for puke. Goes well with any food, I find…

Meanwhile, Daughter has done her relaxing for the past weeks in the company of Friends. Now, that is a series I didn’t watch. I have probably seen a full episode of it at some point. Maybe. But I have caught lots of bits of Friends to the extent I feel I know them. I know exactly (well, almost) who the characters are, but would struggle to name any of the actors, except for that Aniston woman.

So, Friends in one room, and NCIS in another.

But as Daughter pointed out; we will soon be home and can return to our old, and possibly bad, ways. One indication we haven’t indulged enough, is that the other day she asked ‘how did NCIS: Los Angeles season 1 end ?’ And I couldn’t remember.

The cahooting dentist

Travelling has its advantages. A limited menu on television means that you watch what’s available instead of having hundreds of films to choose from and ending up watching none. This evening’s offering was The Whole Nine Yards, and whereas Daughter thought the blurb (in the Swedish paper) looked awful, I could see the potential, and it certainly had that.

Matthew Perry and Michael Clarke Duncan

I quite like Bruce Willis, and I also quite like Matthew Perry, except I didn’t know. I didn’t know he’s Chandler. Not that I watch Friends, but… He plays a dentist, and thank god we’d already sorted our dentistry needs, or someone I know would have freaked out even more.

Bruce Willis

This poor dentist has a ghastly wife and a total of three hitmen after him, despite being such a nice guy. One of the hitmen moves in next door, and they become friends. Of sorts. His dental assistant suggests he goes away and gets laid, and his wife wants him dead.

Natasha Henstridge

It’s a very immoral film. Very. You can’t approve of what goes on in the film and still be a good person. But it’s very funny.

The hitman neighbour’s wife has a mobile phone just like mine. Just goes to show it really is ten years since it was made. The film. The mobile.

And you don’t want to go to the dentist tomorrow. Or even next week.