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New girl in NCIS: Los Angeles

Renée Felice Smith as Nell

It’s funny, but I greeted the news that Renée Felice Smith is joining NCIS: Los Angeles permanently as Nell Jones, Eric’s personal sidekick, as something positive. Then I turned to various forums and found that at least half of viewers hate her.

I know it’s upsetting when a favourite character goes, and most are assuming Nell is replacing Nate. It certainly looks like it. I don’t know whether CBS do audits to see who the fans like and don’t like, and the losers have to leave. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

They got rid of Macy even before series one proper started. That was because viewers felt she wasn’t right. And whereas I liked her, I think Hetty is more right. And Dom went halfway through series one, only to return to be got rid of again. They tested Deeks before deciding on Dom’s fate, and we appear to like Deeks better.

Now we have seen Nate go off to somewhere, and Nell turned up a little later. The fact that she’s now permanent doesn’t rule out a return for Nate. But I’d say it gets more unlikely. We can have lots of characters in a show, but ultimately they can only afford to pay for so many actors.

Other than that, I have to say how much better I’m finding NCIS: L A to be this season. The weeks are running by me at great speed and I won’t cover every episode here. Suffice it to say that the other week when I felt big brother NCIS was short on humour, that L A had plenty to offer.

NCIS: Los Angeles

To watch or not to watch? I had more or less decided I don’t need more television to watch, so by not starting I won’t develop an addiction to NCIS: Los Angeles, the NCIS spin-off when it screens later tonight.

But – there had to be a but in there – curiosity can kill both cats and their witches. And not only is Rocky Carroll going to pop up every now and then, because he is the Director, after all. But now I see that Abby is also going to be appearing in some episodes, and perhaps some of the others. So, all designed to tempt the doubters to watch.

Not sure what I think about the dismissal of Louise Lombard, and replacing her with Linda Hunt. It would seem that viewers (whoever they were?) didn’t warm to Macy, so out she goes. It would be better to try someone for a little longer, and slowly phase them out, rather than do a sudden chop. I felt there was scope for interesting development with Macy. Not saying Linda Hunt won’t be good, it’s just the pandering to fickle audiences I mind. It’s like giving in to your toddler too quickly.

And I see Callan is back, scars and all. They couldn’t kill him off. Yet.

Legend part 2


That was clever. They must have heard me say I wasn’t sure I’d watch the NCIS spin-off once it starts. With no Gibbs or Abby, why would I? So, they kill someone off. Or do they? Really calculating and clever. We’re now going to be hanging on, just to find out.

Macy and Gibbs

Some things are explained, and other aspects of the plot are left for the remaining two episodes of series six. And probably beyond. At least we now know what caused the antipathy between Macy and Gibbs, and let me tell you I had wondered about this particular thing before. Though not in connection with anyone. Just felt it was a lose end.

Sniper Monthly

 That psychologist seems a little superfluous. Nice enough, but stands around stating the obvious. And last week I laughed at the idea, because there really can’t be a Sniper Monthly magazine, can there? 

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NCIS – Legend

Lonely Tony

Not sure what I think of spin-offs in general, and less sure what I thought of the new NCIS spin-off. Perhaps when it’s ‘spinning off’ from something you know and love, it’s harder to take in the new stuff, and to like it. Be interesting to know if they will blend with each other ever again.

The new Gibbs?

Legend part 1 was OK. The NCIS aspect was fine, but it will take a while to grasp what the new gang in Los Angeles are up to. There is a female ‘Gibbs’ with a past, with Gibbs. There is a very tall psychologist, and various under-cover agents.

The new team

They have so many electronic toys to play with that poor McGee is mentally re-writing his list for Christmas. Daddy Gibbs looked a little impatient with him. Washington probably doesn’t have the budget. Well, who does? California, obviously.

A new Ari?

As promised Tony has started digging into Ziva’s past, and it does not look good. Something bad and upsetting will happen. Question is what. The spoilers on Special Ops suggest bad, bad. Do we have another Ari situation, or not?


As it was part 1, we finished off hanging from a cliff, metaphorically speaking. Just getting used to that, I suspect, before the end of series six in a few weeks’ time. More cliffhanging on the way, to take care of summer for us.

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