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Lee Miller

The budding photographer had to be educated. The Lee Miller exhibition at Mjellby Konstmuseum seemed a good choice, so we took ourselves off to admire Lee Miller’s famous photos. We’ve been to Mjellby numerous times, but never ‘on foot’, which is sort of interesting seeing as it’s in the middle of fields out in the country. The bus stop isn’t too far away, so we walked along the side of the field.

I got a little annoyed with staff happily trying to charge me double what I should pay to get in. If I can read the sign with ticket prices, then surely so can they?


Lee Miller was interesting, but I should possibly have come equipped with reading glasses to see the photos properly. As usual we arrived just as a guided talk had begun, so as usual we skirted round the large group. They had an interesting looking film on in a side room, but as Daughter pointed out, it lasted 55 minutes, so we only watched for maybe fifteen.

On our way out we came across local artist Thomas Frisk and Mrs Frisk on their way in. It’s always good to know that we go where the professionals go, too. And as I said to Daughter; had we known they were coming we could have hitched a lift. Maybe.

We decided against cups of tea in their very attractive looking café, on the basis that it’s not been good before. Cowardly, I know. Our very first time I was tremendously impressed by asking for a soft drink for Offspring, and being greeted by a blank look of ‘Oh, children. Don’t they drink coffee? Oops, we don’t seem to have anything soft. And no milk.’ To give them their due, someone in the staff sacrificed their own bottle of something fizzy.

Other than special exhibitions Mjellby has a great collection of paintings by Halmstadgruppen. This group of Halmstad artists from mainly the first half of the twentieth century, counts among my more favourite painters, and their work is always worth seeing.