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A bridge too far

That was a page 147 for me. Thank you (barely) and goodbye to The Bridge. Anything quite so unlikeable and horrible and pointless (and that’s just the third episode), leaving me not wanting to watch more, and with no special interest in how it ends, who did it, or anything like that.

The Bridge

I like Rohde. He is OK, for a Dane. I’ve trawled through the other characters, and can’t find anyone else who seems either real (in a fictional television kind of way) or in possession of any redeeming features. The fact that half of them are Swedes, and that they look and sound like people I might know and mix with, makes it worse. It’s easy enough for the British to snigger in the safety of this splendidly isolated island.

Sarah Lund’s awful boss made for an interesting rough sleeper, but as we left him between the two episodes I felt unwell. (OK, so I felt unwell before I started too, but this was really something.)

When the shoplifter said she came from Copenhagen; did you think she’s Danish? And now that it seems it’s all being done by someone with Asperger Syndrome, that’s fine, isn’t it? Takes one to catch one.

I would like to think that by next week it will be marvellously clear why it’s been awful so far, and The Bridge will morph into something of a masterpiece. Make me regret I gave up. But I doubt it.

The Bridge


Bron – The Bridge – Broen

The Bridge

I apologise for my fellow country-people. I don’t know what got into them. There is no way you can have another Lisbeth Salander, even if you make her into a police detective. And if you do, she’d need to be slightly less aspie (she wouldn’t have got to where Saga is if she was this weird), or you could have had someone older and uglier. That might have worked.

But, it was fun. Sort of. When I stopped cringing.

Are you foreigners managing to keep track of which country they were in? Are the landmarks clear enough? I’m afraid the Resident IT Consultant got his Malmö mixed up with his København at one point.

And it might matter if you can tell what nationality people are. The Swedish heart patient’s wife is Danish. If that’s relevant, I don’t know.

The zigzag man makes my skin crawl. And how I wanted that bomb to go off!

The Bridge

Have no idea what the Danish accents say about people. Needless to say Malmö is as ever populated by people from that place further north. Lowlife journalist is more of a southerner, but tries to pretend he isn’t.

Fairly sure it wasn’t the library charges that’s behind all this.