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Hidden Figures

I’ve been known to check my watch in the cinema. That is, if I can manage to see what time it is. I have to admit to having checked it during Hidden Figures too. I wanted to see – I hoped I’d find – that I had lots more film left. Ten minutes. Just ten minutes of a film I could have watched all night.

People are busy saying it’s not fun enough to do well in the Oscars. I suppose it depends on what you look for in a film, and the current climate is perhaps not ideal for black role models or intelligence, or even something as unsexy as the US space programme.

Hidden Figures

For me it’s the best I’ve seen since From the Earth to the Moon. I could easily watch it again. And that is why I worried we were not even going to get it on our local screen. A few days before the UK release it seemed we’d have to travel to see Hidden Figures, and I realised that perhaps we live in a small town more interested in sex and action movies, the more mindless the better.

But then, there it was. Only a few screenings, and the audience was like us, old and sedate and with few oversized trays of popcorn, multi-coloured sweets and fizzy drinks.

And what a story! What a great title! I didn’t know the three leading actresses from anything, and it was all the better for it. This way I wasn’t seeing a superstar pretending to be a maths genius. After Apollo 13 it seems we need an Ed Harris lookalike working for NASA, and I was happy with Kevin Costner. He could almost carry off being clever. Jim Parsons, however, is far too much Sheldon Cooper to work in this role as genius sidelined by clever black woman. I couldn’t get a grip on what he was meant to be like.

My companions who understand maths a bit better than I do, felt that while dumbed down, the maths was mostly OK.

Hidden Figures

I’d have loved this story if it had been mere fiction. I loved it a lot more for being mostly true, and to see the real three women at the end was marvellous. It was so good to know that they did well and were role models for many who came after them. And fantastic to see the real Katherine Johnson honoured by President Obama, and equally great to learn that she has had a long life with her second husband.

The film leaves me wanting to learn more.

NCIS – Dead Air

NCIS in the field

Some episodes pass by so quietly, that thinking back I tend to remember them as slightly less interesting than average. And then it turns out that, actually, it’s a really strong episode. I’ve been meaning to get back to the fifth episode of season eight almost since it was on in the autumn, and with our enforced ‘spring break’ before the last three episodes, we had an opportunity to ‘watch again’ last night.



It’s an unusual one in that it made Gibbs smile with happiness. Not just a grin because someone messed up. That’s baseball for you. If you build it he will come, and all that. Even I like Field of Dreams. Still don’t get the baseball, but I have an idea it’s where daddies go out and play catch with their little ones. Like the Davids, Ziva and Eli. Sounds crazy and unlikely, but…

Is there an app for doing your job? Well, there ought to be. Ducky doesn’t care for radio shows where you call in to be berated by a smart aleck host. So you shoot him instead.

Gibbs and Abby

Ducky and DiNozzo


Gibbs surprised Abby, and she asked if he intended to give her heart palpitations. ‘What have you got, Abse?’ ‘Heart palpitations.’ Yes.

While we’re on health issues, poor DiNozzo had a sore throat, possibly due to grass and fertiliser. Might be what the bad guys meant by ‘suburban suffering’. Whatever. It made DiNozzo go squeek. Quite sweet.

I happen to live in what must be labelled a ‘gated community’, although it’s not like this one, where your mailman comes to barbecue for ‘the cause’. (Mine, as you recall, stops at putting book parcels in the dustbin.) I have never felt the urge to blow anyone up, or not much.

But I need to learn about this baseball business. It’s apparently enough to send absolutely anyone into a trance. Bright lights over a corner in a field. Kevin Costner. Mark Harmon.


Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva and McGee(Photos © CBS)