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It’s the girls they want

So, how often do people search for Chris O’Donnell? Here, not much at all. I won’t go so far as to say never, because that would probably be a lie. But I’m willing to bet that the bosses at CBS rate him higher than the ‘girls’ on NCIS: Los Angeles. I also imagine they pay him more.

CultureWitch searches

Perhaps it’s time they realised how popular the ladies are. From L A most of my visitors want Renée Felice Smith. A few are after Daniela Ruah and occasionally it’s Linda Hunt they want to read about.

Sofie Gråbøl pops up occasionally and recently I’ve had some interest in Kate O’Mara, so presumably she’s ‘up to something.’

But for the most part my searches want Pam Dawber, with and without husband Mark Harmon. (Now CBS, him you can pay. People are always wanting him. Mark can almost be an honorary female on here.) They look for Pauley Perrette and her alter ego Abby. They look for her tattoos.

OK, I don’t know how much money Pam Dawber makes these days. Once, I’m certain she made more than her groom-to-be. I suspect that for all her fan following Pauley earns less than the men on NCIS do. And isn’t it interesting how few blog visitors look for Cote de Pablo?


As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I am getting impatient with Callen. Maybe I’m not the only one? They like showing off the pretty faces of Renée and Daniela, and don’t mind letting their characters get the better of the male characters. But do they rate them?

I remember the furore when it was discovered that the male presenters on Blue Peter were better paid than the female ones. It’s very hard justifying more money for a man jumping out of a plane than a woman doing the same. The effort of transforming an empty bottle of washing-up liquid can’t vary all that much between the sexes.

There is just that automatic assumption that men need more money. Are more deserving.

But I happened to start thinking about babies the other day. It’s great with a successful show on television. We fans like them. Another season – or five – is good news. The actresses have the advantage of a ‘secure’ job and the money – even for women – can’t be bad. But what about having babies? The first thing Sasha Alexander did when Kate was killed off was to get pregnant. Maybe Ziva and Abby and Nell and Kensi don’t want to be mothers. How would you choose? Leave a good series and leave the fans screaming, or go without children?

At least pay them more! And stop and think about how they might actually be more popular than Callen.

Kate O’Mara is 70

I can’t believe Kate O’Mara is 70! She’s the type of actress who you somehow feel will never grow old. I don’t mean the alternative either. I don’t know what I mean, in actual fact.

Kate isn’t someone I have seen a lot of, and I’m not her greatest fan or anything, but she is significant. Back in 1970 the witch visited Pen Friend in Surrey, and Pen Friend’s mother had a whole lot of entertainment up her sleeve. One of which was a trip to the theatre. I think it may have been in Bromley. I was quite hazy both about where I was and where I was taken.

We saw Ten Little… Oops. What is the correct title for Agatha Christie’s novel these days? Anyway. You know the one I mean. People keep dropping dead. Kate O’Mara was in it, as the beautiful young lady. And they cheated and let her survive, so there was a kiss with another survivor who was very handsome.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Kate, really. As far as I was concerned, the excitement was attending real live theatre in England. But soon afterwards I was watching The Brothers on television, and I was surprised to see Kate there. I didn’t know that television stars also acted live on the stage. There was a lot I didn’t know. But it was exciting.

Happy 70th, Kate!