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NCIS – Recruited

DiNozzo and McGee

Almost back to old-fashioned NCIS this time. Feels like we rarely get the Navy or Marines angle like we used to. We’ve done recruiting officers before, but no reason not to cover it again. (And boys, if it says ‘danger’ on the wall, it’s worth taking heed.)

Father figure Gibbs


Drs Magnus and Mallard


Abby in purple

Was taken aback at Gibbs joining in with the singing of The Wheels on the Bus, but then you never know with him. He can go either way; be totally unreasonable or very human. And he got to do his father figure thing again. He does that so well. But why dress up for a visit to the recruitment office? To show that it’s an important step in someone’s life?

Ducky’s predecessor Dr Magnus was an interesting character. So observant; ‘he just kissed her!’ and ‘that’s a hippo’. He did and it was. It was almost a little too cute to have the ‘these are your memories Dr Magnus’ sequence in MTAC, but it’s good that they address issues such as Alzheimers. Although I could have done without Dr Magnus’s recollection of the corpse and the calamari. One good reason for going veggie.

Director Vance is back, barely. He looks sufficiently ill and tired that you have to assume he might get written out, or at least appear even less frequently than before. Or they can use the possibility of it as a red herring.

The music was really very good. I don’t always notice it, which is as it should be with background music.

What is Gibbs planning to make? It seemed so deliberate that I wonder if it’s meant to reoccur in later episodes. Large square-ish piece of wood. Gibbs looking happy. Unless it was simply the effect of having found  a good recruit for the Marines.

Me, I just want a purple kilt, and the legs to go with it.

(Photos © CBS)