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John Barrowman 2011 tour

This is the sort of thing I like best; blogging merrily away when I’ve not had to do a thing. (Other than wait up by the phone to hear that Daughter returned ‘home’ safely after gallivanting all over Scotland for John Barrowman’s concerts.)

John Barrowman

This year was hard. Not as bad as when I delayed buying tickets and we ended up not going, but when the tickets went on sale in the spring she had no idea where she’d be once the concert dates came round. So with a shortlist of favoured university and insurance university, she bought more than one ticket.

John Barrowman

And just to be safe (hah!) she bought tickets for both the Scottish venues. Luckily it was the Scottish ones she could use. Trouble is the country is larger than it looks and fitting in travelling between lectures and things was no easy feat. But she did it, and I can now blog off her efforts.

John Barrowman and Jodie Prenger

The fact that she’s been asleep in today’s lectures (only joking!) doesn’t matter. Apparently the Scottish concerts are the best, because John allows himself to be Scottish, rather than American. And in Glasgow last night the audience linked arms and joined him in the singing, making him cry. Fitting end to a tour finishing in John’s home town.

Firth of Forth

And what could be nicer than the sun rising over the Forth railway bridge on a sunny November morning?

John Barrowman at the Bridgewater Hall

We got innuendos by the shovelful, and then some. The man never stops talking and barely stopped singing, so you certainly get your money’s worth from John Barrowman. It’s a rare thing to have a three hour concert, and John recognised that some of his fans had buses to catch as he began the end of the show, with several songs to go.

John talked so much he lost his train of thought at one time. Speaking of trains we were lucky enough to have a late one to catch, meaning we didn’t have to leave prematurely. We also had the joy of a points failure on our way in, and it’s no thanks to Northern that we made it in time. Just.

While on the transport theme, Daughter remarked on the number of ‘buses’ parked outside the Artists’ Entrance as we ran past, and wondered why they were all there. I instructed her in the needs of great stars to travel in lots of buses.

That need became more apparent during the concert, when we could see quite how many people John travels with. An ‘orchestra’ of eight and four dancers to begin with. Probably lots more unseen stars backstage, only one of whom was required to come out and be humiliated for our entertainment. Last night he had to yodel, but John boasted that he changes what he asks for every night. So, a dream to work for.

Ostrich feathers. They take up space. An extra singer; in this case Jodie Prenger who was described by John as a female version of himself. Not strictly true, because I’d say Jodie sings better, but John is confident enough to carry that off. (Note to JB – Daughter said she’ll look out for Jodie’s album when it comes.)

Mum and Dad Barrowman. That must be why we all love this boy. How many singers cart the parents round the country while touring? And of those who do, how many put them on stage? There they were, in each other’s arms, dancing in their Sunday best. Or maybe it really was James Bond’s suit? Meeting the parents explains a lot about the boy. Did he have to coach Dad to add to the innuendos, or did that come naturally?

What John needs is a better scriptwriter. Possibly he needs a scriptwriter. Half of what he prattled on about between songs would have been ample. And if it hadn’t been quite so much along the lines of ‘amusing if you were there at the time’ it would have been better still. With Jodie John laughed so much that it was like witnessing dear friends in paroxysms over a not terribly funny anecdote, wishing they’d stop, and putting up with it because you like them.

OK, so innuendos are fine, if a little predictable, but being a bore isn’t.

But other than that, it was a good concert. Not being a great fan, there were rather a lot of songs I didn’t know, and as we all know, I like things better when I do know them. Good airing of The Doctor and I, with well chosen film clips from Doctor Who. And you can’t go wrong ending with I Am What I Am, especially when wearing a really sparkly suit.

After which we all hobbled home, since – as I found at John’s first concert – a Barrowman audience tends to be, well, mature. This maturity didn’t prevent them from dancing in the aisles or whooping continuously, however.