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It’s getting darker, Due South

While most of the first season of Due South was fun to watch and well written, it was very light and the crime seemed incidental to Fraser jumping out of another window or licking something unmentionable, with Vecchio gagging nearby.

Thankfully, Due South is getting darker, but still remains humorous. (I take it it is understood I am watching all this from the great distance of almost twenty years?)

Season one ended with a weird Rear Window-ish episode. It was OK, I thought. Script writers must be allowed to play with classic plots every now and then. Somehow the purpose seemed to be to have as many men as possible wounded. Hence the season two start with the trip to Canada to recuperate. That was also weird, and also enjoyable.

I’m some way into season two now, and found episode seven, Juliet is Bleeding quite dark enough. I think we are past the licking substances and laughing at Canadians. If I’d paid more attention to the title, I’d have been better prepared. David Marciano was great in this one, and I really didn’t think he had it in him to be truly romantic.

Romance for Vecchio

Found a long and thoughtful (if almost unreadable) review of it here. Full of spoilers, so beware.

We got confused the other day, so watched episodes in the wrong order. I loved the way Vecchio was ranting about the bad guy’s middle initial, asking Fraser if he knows what the P stands for. ‘Is it pertinent?’ says he. ‘Not even close,’ replies Vecchio…