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Mads Mikkelsen in Prag

If only people wouldn’t insist on dying far away from home! It’s so much harder to deal with any kind of feelings if you are surrounded by people with different behavioural expectations. Mads Mikkelsen as the Dane in Prague to pick up his dead father experiences some rather Kafka-esque people when he least expects it.

His character Christoffer didn’t know his father well, and doesn’t really mourn him all that much. He mourns more for the lost father from 25 years earlier. But the hospital staff order him to be sadder and to spend longer with the corpse. That is after Christoffer has had to climb in through a window to even get in, and after having to avoid the little whizzing coffin-carriers they use.

His wife Maja has come to Prague with him, but then doesn’t come along for the bewildering meetings. The father’s solicitor turns out to be almost as crazy as the hospital doctor. And the empty house is anything but empty.

Mads Mikkelsen and Stine Stengade in Prag

Maja has her own problems, and the marriage is slowly breaking down, or seems to be. Two Danes in Prague isn’t the most natural combination. It appears there’s more than one secret about good old Dad. It costs a lot of money (bribes?) to take dead people out of the Czech Republic. And when they go there is no saying where they’ll end up.

Despite its sad premise, it’s an enjoyable film. Very Mads Mikkelsen-heavy, seeing as there is only him and his wife, their son on Skype, plus the seemingly deranged but caring Czechs.

But whatever you do, don’t order the goulash on a Tuesday.