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NCIS – Enemy on the Hill

DNA isn’t everything, as Gibbs says in episode four of season nine. He’s right. It’s a lot of things, but not all. (For instance, I watched this episode again during an evening when I had actively chosen not to go to a DNA-related weekend with people I don’t know so well, despite sharing their DNA. It doesn’t prove anything, but it’s worth thinking about what matters.)

Seven months ago I had opinions on this episode. Now that I’m equipped with hindsight, or at least the knowledge of what happened (or rather, didn’t happen) in the rest of season nine, I know I was right. We needed more on Abby and her unknown brother. And this past winter was when we needed it.

Abby with puppy

Pauley Perrette did a very good job of the shaken Abby and all the strange thoughts that go with the discovery on who she is, or had hitherto thought she was. It looked like a thread that might be continued later. Maybe it was intended as such. Why go to such lengths to find a well matched actor for the brother if not?

They were wrong if they decided to leave it, and they were wrong even if they are intending to get back to it in season ten. It can continue, but needed feeding once more this season.

It’s not very likely that Abby was adopted, if we are to believe the back story she has been given up till now. I really don’t believe deaf parents would have been allowed to adopt in those days. But assuming it happened, there is a lot the scriptwriters could do with this story. In fact, it might even have prevented them from going crazy with Dr Ryan.

This was a typical example of their meaningless ‘capers’ which is coupled with important stuff happening to the little NCIS family. I just don’t understand why they thought it up in the first place, only to ignore it immediately after. Compare this with when Agent Lee died. Gibbs wore a plaster in the next episode, even if they didn’t keep alluding to Lee. You could tell something had happened, and it was remembered in the details for a week or two.

Abby and Gibbs

The ending of Enemy on the Hill is a strong one. And they wasted it.

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NCIS – Till Death Do Us Part


That was some season finale, to the worst season of NCIS (so far). And yet, a quick look at Special Ops tells me people didn’t like it. I thought it was well written – by Gary Glasberg – and that it almost made up for last week. No, it didn’t, come to think of it. But it revived my hopes. Which in itself is weird considering we will now spend four months wondering ‘if’ and ‘who’ and really?’

Ziva, Palmer, McGee and DiNozzo

McGee and Vance

It is yet more proof that good writing is almost everything, and by letting too many bad writers – or new writers –  loose on NCIS, they will kill off the enthusiasm of millions of fans. It’s a hard thing to achieve, but season nine is halfway there, so let’s stop the bleeding now.

The first and the last episodes of a season must get it right. The beginning of the ninth wasn’t one hundred percent successful, but allowing a character back for the end, sort of closed the loop.

Cole and Gibbs

They didn’t use Palmer’s wedding as well as they might have done. And the title of the final episode is apt in more ways than one, as usual. Except I’d like ‘us’ and ‘do’ to change places.

Palmer and Ducky

Palmer and Breena

I’m wondering if Dr Ryan’s cool-and-normal to downright certifiable personality was purely down to individual writers? If so, Jamie Lee Curtis must have wondered how the hell she was meant to play the changeable doctor. Gibbs definitely looked more Gibbs-like next to a mostly rational girlfriend. Yes, the son was creepy, but sons often are.

As a hardened fan I am not the first in line to panic, and I will not spend the next four months in despair, but what a marvellous cliffhanger for all the disenchanted fans! More people will want to return in September than not. Good thinking. Although I wish more good thinking had been in operation before now.


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NCIS – Up In Smoke

Killing her would be too good for her! I’ve been patient long enough, but I really, really don’t like what Dr Ryan is doing. It’s not charming, or even sane, on any level. At this rate I’d almost advise Gibbs to get hold of that ghastly lawyer and ask her back, and I so hated her.

(Or could it still have something to do with who writes the screenplay and who directs it?)

I had a quick look at Special Ops to see what others are thinking, and it doesn’t look as if Dr Ryan has any fans anywhere. If so many of the diehard fans are saying they couldn’t watch to the end, then that must be a sure sign CBS are getting it wrong.

Hey! You are getting it wrong! Stop this at once!


So, let’s hope Gibbs can stop making a fool of himself with his idiotic DOD lady. He’s spent the best part of nine seasons being Gibbsy. Why stop now?

What we did love was Abby’s outfit for Palmer’s stag night. Although his night was hijacked, rather. Does this mean we won’t get the ‘real’ thing? They were all doing a great job of winding him up. I hope there will be a wedding, and that it won’t be sacrificed to the federal agents going about their business. And where was Abby when they were out drinking?

Palmer's stag night

Lovely to see probie Dorneget return. Perhaps he should change his dentist, though.

Palmer's stag night

And surely Vance knows better than to go it alone? I misheard, and thought they were claiming no one knows where he lives.

So that’s one Dr Ryan fewer by Wednesday next week then?

NCIS – Rekindled

Yes. This was better! It’s looking more and more like it’s down to the scriptwriters, whether or not NCIS is any good. It makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is letting people loose on scripts that they then actually make into real episodes when they are not quite up to it. Or has whoever decides these things – Shane Brennan? – given up on quality control?


You can’t fool long term fans. We love, and we love a lot, but there are limits. The Missionary Position was dreadful in more ways than the title, and written by a newbie. I’m unusual in that I don’t object to Gibbs having a love interest, and I found Dr Ryan a pretty good match the first time she turned up. But what’s this ridiculous rubbish? Silly woman and uncharacteristically soppy/sloppy Gibbs.

DiNozzo and Jason

It was serious DiNozzo this time. Quite an interesting look at his early past, and quite a young looking young DiNozzo, too. ‘He made a difference.’ And the mention of a female lead us all astray, because we know our Tony, or think we do. ‘Practical playboy. Crime scene chic!’ They were nice boots.

According to Pauley Perrette on Twitter we need to pay attention through all last four episodes of season nine. Well, I did my best. The fire theme seems to continue at least one more week. So far it doesn’t strike me as interesting enough for a finale, but please surprise me! I don’t mind in the least to be proven wrong.

Rekindled. Yes, that works in more ways than one, and describes my hopes for the next three episodes as well. Fanime. Or ‘fanimej’ as we Swedes say.


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NCIS – Psych Out

Dr Cranston and Gibbs

Good solid episode! I’ve not been saying that too much this season of NCIS. And despite Psych Out featuring Kate-who-isn’t-Kate (why does she appear so often now, when she didn’t before?) it didn’t feel as if there was too much of the crime in their midst kind of thing.

McGee and Abby

I’ll have to start doing what I’ve been pondering for a year or so, which is to keep tabs on who writes the best episodes. Early on, they were nearly all good, but more recently it’s been far too uneven. Psych Out was written by Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner. Let’s see if their next one is good, or if the next good episode is theirs.

I like Jamie Lee Curtis, and I thought it was – probably – a Good Thing for her to be on NCIS. But I wasn’t sure. I am now. It worked really well, and I just hope they won’t ruin it later. There wasn’t even any of the soppiness in the script when she and Gibbs get ‘more private.’ We have seen so many idiotic women pass through, that I was beginning to despair. But this ‘Head Brain Gamer’ recognised that Gibbs ‘makes people feel safe.’ She likes questions and he likes answers, making them a good couple.

DiNozzo and Dr Ryan

Her Dr Ryan’s meeting with DiNozzo was perfect, as well. He’s an idiot, and she played him just right. Not so sure about Vance, however. And poor McGee had to actually use paper. Is it even possible? As for finally finding Gibbs in the ladies’ toilet. Well.

Gibbs and Dr Ryan

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Promises, promises

We have just watched Freaky Friday, the 2003 version, for the umpteenth time. Less umpteenth for me than for Daughter, who can quote every line. I give in more easily over Freaky Friday than with many other films, because I have a guilty conscience. It’s like the fish & chips in Penzance.

I said we’d go and see FF during the Christmas holidays. Plenty of time. The day before term started we had yet to go, and I felt so tired and unwell that Daughter generously let me off the hook. That’s why I bought the film as soon as the DVD was in the shops, which is very unlike me. Guilt.

The fish in Penzance proved even harder. I promised her fish & chips for dinner one night. The restaurant, which as far as I can remember was covered in fishing nets and the like, didn’t serve fish & chips. “OK, we’ll have it tomorrow, then”. You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to find fish in an English harbour town. It was. We walked round the town centre twice, in the freezing cold. The only place we found was of the eat-it-on-the-pavement type, which when it feels like Siberia and you have four hours before the train leaves, is not a good option. I was let off the hook again, and we froze like mad in the pizza restaurant in the cinema instead. But at least we had somewhere to sit.

The Egyptian House, Penzance

I have a horrible suspicion that I still owe Daughter the fish & chips. And that’s why we sometimes sit down with Freaky Friday again.

(It is actually an enjoyable film with the back-to-front mother and daughter roles. I have difficulty keeping up with the role reversal at times, but it’s still fun. And I never eat fortune cookies.)