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Pitch Perfect

This film did such a swift disappearing act from cinemas that we barely caught it, back in early January. While Pitch Perfect is not the best film I’ve seen, it’s far from bad. (It beats Les Mis…)

Pitch Perfect

A cappella is nearly always fun, although they did make this group of college girls more awful to begin with, so they could be seen to improve. The boy group was better, especially towards the end, with the exit of their idiot lead singer. But the girls had to win, because it was their film.

Oh well.

I learned some new things about American college life, while still not grasping why new students put up with the ridiculous rules for joining societies on campus. (Couldn’t help wondering if – when – they did any studying.)

Not being an Anna Kendrick fan, I spent most of the film fascinated by her teeth. Her love interest was cute enough, but Skylar Astin seemed a bit old for his role. They all did. I loved Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, and was ashamed that our audience laughed as soon as she was on screen. Being fat is in itself not amusing. Hana Mae Lee was so quiet I mostly couldn’t tell what she was whispering.

The brawl that sent the heroine to jail was fun, but I do wish someone would explain why they sang in an empty swimming pool.

Pitch Perfect is good to look at, with some great accompanying noise. I’m not sure there was an awful lot of plot there, though.