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Abby Halloween, everyone!

McGee and Abby

That was some necklace Abby wore for Halloween. It looked suspiciously as if she’d had another spider web tattoo done.


Someone was playing tricks on people. No treats, though. Poor Ducky, having to ask the corpse if he could hear anything.

McGee's desk

McGee’s woes were not too serious, unless you count his encounter with the fire in the lab.


Abby had decorated her workplace with her usual finesse (how does the woman find the time?), and herself as well.

McGee and Abby

DiNozzo got his just deserts. If it was him. Maybe it was Gibbs?



(Photos © CBS)

Batty Halloween


I’ll just get the sweets out…

(Photo © CBS)

The crossbones and skulls top

I have no idea when this is from, but probably not Halloween. Who cares? Abby’s clothes are always right. And never more right than in October.


(Photo © CBS)

Halloween getting even closer

Abby as Marilyn

Abby in white. And blonde. Very Halloween. Poor McGee.

McGee, Abby and DiNozzo

(Photo © CBS)

Halloween countdown

High time for Abby pics! Here is one with no tattoo. She’s got Ducky instead.

Ducky and Abby

(Photo © CBS)

NCIS, Abby and spider web tattoos – Halloween 2011

Gibbs and Abby

NCIS exploding pumpkin © CBS


Halloween in Abby's lab


I’d say that Gibbs and Abby are not looking amused. They are probably searching for their vanishing Halloween. It’s never much good on a Monday anyway. I would guess the NCIS script-writers forgot about it this year, so I’ve picked a few photos from past seasons to make up for it.

Time for an exploding pumpkin, NCIS style.

Usually I concentrate on Abby Sciuto’s tattoos at this time of year, but by now all of you have most likely found ways of tattooing your body in some temporary way, while hoping your spider web isn’t going to run before you get home again.

I still don’t understand why there isn’t someone selling these spider webs. You could make a fortune. I’d do it myself if I knew how to make temporary tattoos.

We’ll have to look out for Halloween next year. If I’m not getting my calendar all mixed up, it should be on a Wednesday so might suit their schedule better. Who knows?

And below is a banner that I have borrowed from someone on an NCIS fan site, where  people always put together fantastic banners and screensavers.

Abby banner

(Photos © CBS)

Skeleton top?

It’s nearly Halloween. Did you know? I think we need another Abby picture.


Photo © CBS.