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Up in the Air

When Up in the Air was on in the cinema, I wanted to go and see it, but didn’t. Now I’m relieved I never got round to it. It would have been a waste of good money.

When it was shown on television this weekend, I was hoping for a good evening in, getting something for ‘free.’ The evening was good, and so were the crisps, but the film wasn’t.

To my mind it was a film riddled with clichés. Red Tails, which I saw – and liked – the other week, got dreadful reviews for being too clichéd. Yes, it probably was, but they were feelgood kind of clichés. This on the other hand, was dreary and empty. Just because something is bad and sad, doesn’t make it a ‘real’ film.

Up in the Air

The only thing that was different was what Alex did to George Clooney’s Ryan. Unusual, but that doesn’t make a film. The reviews I saw for Up in the Air were good ones. But apart from the fact that I am now disagreeing with them, I am surprised because they described a different film from what I got. I had expected a totally different plot, as well as another outcome.

And seeing people being made redundant, however badly or sensitively done, was painful. Somehow unemployment doesn’t strike me as an ‘interesting’ plotline these days.

American Millennium

It’s alway nice to be proven wrong, I suppose. Looks like there will be an American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo after all. And reasonably soon. Not that I know anything about film making, of course.

They are meant to start filming this autumn, and they’ll do so in Stockholm and surroundings, which at least deals with my doubts of finding somewhere suitable in California. Steve Zaillian looks after the script, with Scott Rudin as producer and David Fincher directing.

The Swedes are very happy, since it means loads of money (hopefully) coming in to pay for local services. I gather the above gents are used to having Brad Pitt around. I’m not a Brad fan, but he does have hair the right colour. George Clooney would not make a good Blomkvist, however handsome he may be.

So, we’ll see what they come up with.