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Mother’s Day repeat

Either the Resident IT Consultant is even more forgetful than I thought, or I was especially lucky with last night’s dinner entertainment. With only minutes to go before the pasta was done I hurriedly picked a not much watched episode from NCIS season 7. It being the eve of Mother’s Day in the UK, I picked Mother’s Day, despite my earlier comments about it being the worst I’d seen. At least that meant I’d not watched it over and over again.

Gibbs and mother-in-law

Not at all, in fact, if last night’s experience was anything to go by. Maybe we watched it without the Resident IT Consultant, and couldn’t be bothered to offer it up a second time. So serendipity provided me with something 100% fresh for my pasta-eating companion. Nice.

And now that I’ve got both hindsight as well as the determination to see if certain writers write better episodes than others, I have to say that not only was Mother’s Day quite good, but it was written by none other than Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner. My remaining complaint is simply that this couldn’t (shouldn’t) have happened in real life. Other than that, very well written.

I’ll have to look up other, half forgotten or ignored episodes. There might be treasure out there. Even for a very big fan.

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NCIS – Mother’s Day

This may well qualify as the worst ever episode of NCIS, and with over 150 to choose from, that’s not bad going. Well, it is. But something has to be at the bottom, to prop up all the others.

There are lots of reasons for this, and the main one is that they put so many wrong decisions together in the one episode.

You can’t really have someone like the Director of a Federal Agency condone what Gibbs did. Gibbs shouldn’t have done it, and since he did, Vance should have dealt with it more appropriately. As many fans have said already, it’s somewhat unlikely to have all these people connected to Gibbs witnessing crimes all the time. You could introduce friends and family as just that.

Gibbs and mother-in-law Gena Rowlands

For Gibbs’s mother-in-law to be Shannon’s mother, and for them to be estranged. I don’t know. It didn’t feel right. Gena Rowlands was excellent as the unpleasant mother-in-law, and old enough, if that isn’t a rude observation.

Flashbacks with Sean Harmon as the young Gibbs… Nice for Sean, but he had to be well over 18 in this and he didn’t look it, until it was eight years later and Mark Harmon, who definitely looked more than the 33 or so that Gibbs would have been.

I know. It’s only nerds who sit at home calculating these things.

And the ghastly lawyer was back and she and Gibbs were far too friendly. I can see what he needed to use her for, but what happened to get them to this stage? Keep us guessing – and fuming – by all means, but we need to be in on this, too.

NCIS team

Other than all this, I quite liked it. Palmer was funny, although his girlfriend was a little OTT.

Gibbs in the gents, mopping himself after what must have been a good cry? Hmm.

Interested to see that some fans on Special Ops thinks Gibbs should get less screen time now, because so many new fans are young and crave the younger characters more. What are they watching NCIS for then? And did they ever consider that old women need someone long out of nappies to drool over? Did they? I mean, I like McGee, but I’m old enough to be his mother. In which case I’d be married to Donald Bellisario, and that would be seriously weird.

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