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The end of the miracle

Was it going to be the end of Torchwood? It was hard to decide until very close to the end of the last Miracle Day episode last night. Some people died. Others didn’t. And I did suspect that one of the ‘surprises’ in the last minutes was about to happen.

It’s been fun, and quite exciting, but it’s not been Torchwood as we know it. It was just that little bit (!) too American, but I guess that was unavoidable. It was only ever Gwen and her family and her devoted former colleague who carried the Welsh side of the affair.

Torchwood - Miracle Day

There was some unpleasant government behaviour, but I suppose not even Russell T Davies could have predicted how close to our present reality it would end up being. Not all episodes were written by the same people, and it shows. Some are a lot better than others.

The mole is suitably sinister in her trusted role, but most of the other baddies aren’t terribly bad. That was left to the politicians, who are real pros. I can’t help wondering if they sailed too close to WWII for some viewers. And what is it with gay sex scenes, now that their entertainment value has been ‘discovered’ and apparently cleared with the guardians of all that’s decent? I don’t mind, but it seems somewhat one-sided.

We can have more Torchwood. The question is, will we?

Touch wood

He had to pay for the bridge. They’re funny – those Americans – whether the CIA or any other part of the alphabet. The agent who should be dead, but is instead driving across the Severn Bridge to a seemingly separate Wales. And Captain Jack Harkness who should be anything but ‘dead,’ is not feeling so great.

Although, Jack sounds much more British, now that he’s in the company of real Americans. Strange that they are letting Gwen and Rhys get away with being so very Welsh in what is now a fun and exciting, but very American, television show.

We liked it, but it’s not Torchwood as we know it, more Men in Black with some Holby City thrown in.

All over the world people are not dying. That’s not as good as it sounds. But whether it calls for the CIA is a different matter. And the amusing gags work because they are poking fun at the differences between the two countries involved. I hope Wales will win, but suspect it won’t be allowed to.

Gwen Cooper and baby

Gwen and Rhys have done a good job of disappearing along with Torchwood, and an even better job of stashing their cupboards full of weapons for when the ramblers come calling. She should have shot them. Then Gwen wouldn’t be running around with baby in one hand and gun in the other. Cute baby, and far too amenable to this secret agent existence.

But you know how you should be careful what you wish for? Well, maybe Jack is finding out that immortality wasn’t so bad after all.

And how reassuring to find ourselves on the wrong side of the Atlantic yet again. It’s only natural that the US should get to watch anything at all before us poor cousins in the UK.


Framed is my most favourite Frank Cottrell Boyce novel, and its position has been confirmed with last night’s film on BBC. It was a case of laughing and grinning from start to finish, and that’s getting rarer by the week. I’m guessing Frank wrote the screenplay, because it was a most sensibly adapted script. Yes, you have to make it shorter and snappier, but it hadn’t been butchered as so many books are.

It starred the two Eves, Eve Myles and Trevor Eve. EM brings a nice touch to anything she’s in, and although I’d imagined TE’s character to be more FBI agent-ish, this was fine. The children were all marvellous and almost exactly as they should be. The Frank C B cameo may not have been great acting, but it was great to see him.

Lovely scenery, and the bit where the lorries all drive up the hill managed to be almost as amusing as in the book. The butcher was lovely, and the petrol station was a real gem. Was it real? Dylan’s obsession with facts and figures was almost lost, but his little sister’s cunning was all there. Older sister’s preoccupation with her looks worked well, and even the baby put on a good show baking cakes.

Will need to watch this again.