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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Eric Saade, Sweden

Don’t get all excited. I have nothing terribly deep to say about this. Poor Daughter ‘had to’ attend a friend’s 18th birthday, but left early to watch on the box, two hours behind everyone else. It felt slightly weird to sit down to listen to the songs when most of the world was almost at the nul points point.

Can’t say there was much to get excited about this year. Didn’t think much of the Swedish song when I first heard it in February, but it was surprisingly good compared to many. Would like to know what that Graham Norton meant when he said we’d smile (or was it laugh?) when Jedward came on. We hoped for the best, but found nothing to smile about. The fact they didn’t win was a relief, but he won’t have known about that.

Graham’s commentary was enough to make you wish Terry Wogan would return from the dead. What’s that? He’s not dead? In that case, what’s he doing not being on the programme?

They all seemed to sing standing or generally cavorting on some kind of weird, large plastic button. Some songs were better than others. I have reached the stage where I don’t keep track of songs, so can’t say if there was one I preferred. Not Azerbaijan, that’s for certain.

Whereas it’s good that performers are now more fully dressed than they used to be, to wear your trousers down at knee level is so not an attractive look. Just saying.

The good thing with watching a recording was that even Daughter got too tired to stay up until the bitter end. I was fascinated by Twitter and Facebook, as everybody were all so far ahead. When Daughter asked did I know who’d won, I said yes, and she said to tell her and that way she could go to bed.

This shortened the night by at least 90 minutes.

The other thing about Twitter was surprise at who actually watches, and that they don’t mind admitting it. And I speak as someone who doesn’t think Eurovision is a joke.


Pre-Eurovision songs

There is no such thing as too much Eurovision Song Contest. For some people. Like the Swedes. They have umpteen heats leading up to the Swedish selection of whoever they will send. We watched, erm, maybe the fourth? I don’t know. I didn’t pay too much attention. It was on for the entertainment of Daughter, the ESC fan in the family, and we had our dinner while watching.

It was fun enough, and with some really weird extra stuff from behind the scenes, like the presenters racing down corridors on a disability scooter, and the contestants being grilled by two ‘secret service’ style prize idiots before their performance. Amusing. Or not.

Of eight contestants, two went on to the ‘real’ contest in Stockholm and two went on to a second chance event. The rest went nowhere. Unfortunately Sebastian was one of those, and I felt he was the only one with any prospects at all. Not as cute as the winner Eric Saade, who wore a very red leather jacket. And he was cute. The other winners were The Playtones, who were quite lovely in their 1950s blue suits and oily hairdos. The song wasn’t bad either.

It’s a great idea, though, for any country other than Britain, who still can’t take this kind of thing seriously. Not only do you get the real deal in Düsseldorf, but you get the national contest ‘at home’ and before that you have all the local heats, which means months and months of fun.

And you can buy the CDs.