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Adequate company

Did they forget that the Sarah Jane Adventures is a children’s programme? Whew! Well, I’m not going to bed again. Ever. Possibly we shouldn’t have recorded the starting episodes and watched them before bedtime. Possibly it would have been all light and happiness had we watched at the correct broadcast time.

But probably not. Ieee!

The Nightmare Man and Luke

Nightmares for Luke, and for everyone else. Daughter says Luke is not going to be in this series, so that might be why they pack him off to uni. Oxford of all places. It would have been really good if they’d got their facts right. For going to uni in general. For Oxford in particular. How you apply. When term starts. Who will cook breakfast. And so on. (Have just been called a pedant on facebook, and it’s so true.)

That scarf made Luke look several years older. But taking K9 with him? I don’t think so. Sweet to see Mr Smith and K9 saying goodbye. ‘You have been adequate company’. Indeed.

I’d be quite satisfied if future episodes could just be normal space travel cum green exploding aliens. Nightmares are so common. I get them. You get them. Aliens (other than my sweet self) are less common.


Bye bye to the Tennanth Doctor

It was a better end than I had imagined. But it was still an end, and even the hardened witch felt a little upset at saying goodbye to David Tennant. So I can almost guess how Daughter felt. Almost. I had offered a very large hankie, but it had been declined.

The End of Time

David himself must have felt bad too, both at deciding to leave, and when filming the last part. Let’s hope he did the right thing.

Letting the Master be slightly less than totally evil seems to have satisfied Daughter. It didn’t bother me. But I was glad to see the last of quite so many Master faces. That grin could easily make a person go insane. So cactii is racist? Sorry, didn’t mean to be.

The Master

I was just about hoping they wouldn’t show Matt Smith in this episode, but I suppose if they’d left him out, it would have been harder still to break into the part. If we hadn’t been in mourning, he’d have been fine. I’m sure he was fine. Really.

They handled the Doctor’s goodbyes well. It sort of brought closure to things for all concerned. But Alonso? Honestly.

Sarah Jane, the third season

Sarah Jane has a new hairstyle. I’ll have to think about that, before deciding if it’s good news or not. Good news is that Sarah Jane is back. ‘How back’ is another question. We discovered it was on last week, but on closer inspection it seems to have been the third episode this week, so who knows?

Maybe he does. I have a vague idea that Doctor Who will pop up some time, and sooner rather than later will be fine.

I’d really like it if the BBC could make a little more noise when their children’s programmes are on. I’ve said this before, and I’ll probably say it again a few times. Unless people read the small print of afternoon television every day, we’ll just miss our programmes. After a look at the website, I think each episode is on about six times in a week, but it’s not totally clear, so I may be wrong. I’m old, so that’s quite likely.

Watching the first two episodes back-to-back yesterday, I decided that Sarah Jane has a lot in common with NCIS. Both are ignored by television reviewers most of the time, although maybe they don’t sneer quite so much at Sarah Jane. That will be because it’s our national treasure, Russell T Davies, who’s involved. And he, like Shane Brennan in California, knows how to write good scripts.

That’s why this adult must watch. I have given up on most other children’s programmes, mainly due to lack of time, but Sarah Jane is a must.

I suppose the hair was OK.

Tennant lovers

The resident Tennant fan is not happy. She has worked out that she is being cheated of some of her remaining Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant doing the Doctoring. But, there is some consolation in the news that David will appear as the Doctor in the new series of the Sarah Jane Adventures in the autumn. Whether that’s in one episode, or if he will stretch and Doctor throughout the series, I don’t know.

The Doctor on Comic Relief

I so needed to see Sarah Jane’s hair again. It had been a while since the Sarah Jane Adventures ended in the autumn, and even just five minutes for Comic Relief was better than nothing. Farting is always good for a joke, so no surprise that they had come up with more Slitheen. Ronnie Corbett fitted right in, and was the smallest one in Sarah Jane’s attic apart from K9.

Having David Tennant present the BBC Red Nose Day proceedings was a good move, as we are all suffering withdrawal symptoms at the moment. Felt very proud of the good Doctor for doing so well on Mastermind. He knows Who’s prime minister, and a few other facts.

David Tennant, Red Nose Day Mastermind

I had wondered what accent David would be using for this, and he started off sounding fairly English, but after fifteen minutes or so he had turned decidedly Scottish. Couldn’t make his mind up?

(Photo borrowed from Red Nose Day on Flickr)


Will the latest double episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures cause the country’s children, and some adults, to develop a clown phobia? I’ve never felt that way inclined, so didn’t mind all that much, but I can see that if you make the baddie a clown, then screaming children will be next. Maybe.

Now that I think about it, I did have a recurring nightmare as a child, which actually featured clowns. It was only in the nightmare, though, and whereas I’m not a clown fan (they are a little boring, aren’t they?) I’ve not feared them either.

To get back to Sarah Jane; why, oh why, do they have to make the Mums so stupid all the time? We’ve just lost lovely Maria and her stupid, or maybe I should say cunning, Mum. And now they give us Rani, another pretty girl, who also has a stupid Mum. How do these girls become so nice and intelligent around women like these? If the Mums have to be out of the action, why not just make them high flying executive types, who are too busy to be home?

The Sarah Jane Adventures

As I watched the two halves that make up the first new Sarah Jane Adventures, I realised I like them so much partly because they make me feel young again. We can all watch Doctor Who. I know we can all watch Sarah Jane, too, but there’s something more satisfyingly young about her.

Having grown up in a Doctor Who free zone, I first encountered him at the age of 21, and if I tell you it was Tom Baker I will either be wrong, or it will tell you how old I am. I could never understand it, and always thought the Doctor looked quite threatening, so maybe he was the bad guy? So, I don’t have a past with Sarah Jane, which may be a good thing.

It’s hard to tell why the series feels so comfortable to watch. You could argue it’s just a bit of recycled Doctor Who; characters, props and plot ideas. But just like leftovers make good meals, the same could possibly be said of television. And I even almost took a liking to Maria’s ghastly mother this time. Almost.