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Fascinating Aïda on the fringe

Baah… We walked like sheep into the Assembly Rooms in George Street, for Fascinating Aïda on Saturday night. It wasn’t the very very long queue on the right, as they said at the information desk. Just the very long queue a little farther to the right.

Dillie Keane and Liza Pulman

Humbugs. I’d been offered one by someone in the Book Festival press yurt earlier in the day, but not being familiar with humbugs felt it safest to decline.
This fringe event was shorter than Fascinating Aïda’s normal shows, but still well worth seeing. It was one of the reasons I hared off to Edinburgh a little sooner than I’d originally planned.

They thanked me by singing about their tights, which gladdened my heart and all that, as I really like Tights. Seeing as I’m almost as old as they are, I have always liked it.

And a little later they sewed on their sequins again, because times are hard. Very hard. (I should never have let Offspring no.1 have lunch with that George Osborne.)

Dillie Keane actually played a (new) song with the help of sheet music, ably turned for her by Adèle Anderson. Though it looked like she turned it back and forth, but what do I know about music turning?

Adele Anderson

No acrobatics on the piano stool, due to an earlier injury, but Dillie looked as chirpy as always. With no interval we just got the one set of clothes, but all three looked stunning as usual. (How does Liza Pulman skip and hop on those heels?)
They finished with their new song about Rya… Oops. Doesn’t do to mention the 50p airline. Just in case. They’ve had loads of YouTube hits for that one.

We all wished they could have sung for longer, but keane as they were, they dashed downstairs to flog DVDs. That means they virtually forced everyone to buy. No, they didn’t. I’d say the DVDs flew off the information counter by themselves. But not with Rya…., obviously.

I didn’t buy. I was there for the glamour photos we missed out on in April. Dillie had promised me they’d pose for me. And they did, once most of the audience had been got rid of. Liza very kindly admired my tan. (She’s a kind person, and I expect there wasn’t a whole lot else she could come up with to mention.)

Fascinating Aida

And I hereby promise that if I can, I will go and see Lara King in her fringe event.
You too?