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That cardigan

It was. At first we were annoyed that journalists didn’t even know the basics to be able to distinguish between jumpers and cardigans. But it turned out it really was a cardie the Duchess of Cornwall was given, and it’s a bit of a relief, really. I didn’t see her as a jumper-wearer.

Sofie Gråbøl, Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Mary

And it’s quite touching that she did seem so pleased with her gift. Most of the time it must be ‘not another bloody useless item to take back!’ kind of thoughts, while smiling politely.

Less sure how I feel now that I know I’m sharing any future Danish Saturday evenings with the Cornwalls. I suppose I should be glad they like something worth liking. And should we ever be in need of small talk, I know what to say.

If Princess Mary experiences any mishaps in the near future, it might be wise to hide any photos of the Duchess pointing a gun at her.

Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Mary

Wonder if they met Wallander in Sweden? Since I’m ‘friends’ with Kungahuset on facebook, I shall investigate.