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Up the wall

I hate to say this but currently NCIS: Los Angeles is far better written than its big brother NCIS. I still love the characters better in NCIS, but that’s from habit rather than that they are more interesting.

NCIS: L A Archangel

Archangel (Why do people think that’s a cool title? It’s so worn out.) was co-written by Shane Brennan, and he doesn’t seem to write much for NCIS any longer. One man can’t do it all, but you sometimes lose something in sharing tasks out. Overwatch the previous week was also pretty good.

Luckily they didn’t cheat on us when they left Callen and Hetty climbing that wall. It’d have been easy to leave, so to continue with them mid-climb in the next episode was more than we had expected. And the climbing was allowed to go on, and we might not have seen the last of it yet. Hetty is like a small fly on that wall!

OK, so the FBI were made to look stupid again, but someone has to do it. Agent Frisbee was, well, amusing. For once the two main guest characters were almost normal, which made a welcome change. There was also enough reference to the current war and its effects, which does not go amiss amongst all the hilarity.

NCIS: L A Overwatch

In Overwatch Nate was mentioned, which could make you speculate on whether he’ll be allowed back in, if only temporarily. His ‘girlfriend’ is on the ditzy side, but her heart is in the right place.

And call me an idiot, but I had never stopped to think why Venice is Venice. Water. Bridges. Venice.

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