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Bing and Bowie

I needed this. Having only heard the soundtrack before, I enjoyed seeing Bing Crosby and David Bowie in this video. Bing, of course, is Christmas for me, even discounting White Christmas. Back in the olden days, when Christmas in the television backwater of Sweden meant that you got old films every day, instead of once a week, somehow Bing was always there with one – or two – of his films.

I took a while to appreciate his singing, though. I arrived in Brighton autumn 1977 and noticed that he was appearing at the Brighton Centre a few weeks later. I didn’t go, because he was an old man and I had no interest in that kind of thing. After Brighton he went to Spain to play golf, and died. And then I regretted it, and I have since bought his albums and learned that he was a marvellous singer.

The same can be said about David Bowie, it seems. I have to admit to not being a fan, and in most cases if you played me one of his songs, unless so well known that even I knew the title, I’d not have recognised him. If you’re a fan, I apologise for my lack of enthusiasm. Back in the early 1970s when my friends at school loved him, I had no interest in Bowie at all, and I never changed.

But this Christmas video helped bring his voice to me. I find that when famous singers sing something completely different to their normal repertoire, you are able to discover their voice for what it is; unfettered by what they usually do. If they are truly good, then that will shine through that ‘other’ song. And this is what happened here, when I encountered Bowie with Bing on social media.

I could even see myself trying some regular Bowie now. Any suggestions of where to begin?


Bye Bowie

My age and personal inclinations meant I had no interest in David Bowie when he started out. Over the years nothing changed, except it was clear that he wasn’t a one year wonder, but someone with a long and lasting career, and with countless fans.

I appear to be friends on facebook with most of them, if today’s outpourings of grief is anything to go by. I’m sorry about that, but glad for their sakes that they had someone who meant so much to them for so long. That is very special.

At first when the news came, I was confused, as I was fairly certain David had been in the news just a few days ago. Several times, in fact. I was right. It was his birthday, and he had a new album out last week.

And now he’s gone. I’m sorry.