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Bourne to be Brave

Much to the disgust of Daughter, I found I didn’t think a great deal of either of the two films we’ve seen in the cinema in the last week. It somehow feels better to watch duds at home. Perhaps because you’ve paid less, and there’s no travelling. Although, colourful Wednesdays make the disappointment easier to bear, financially.

The Bourne Legacy; well I like action films, but this one should have been shorter. I didn’t need to know what had happened before this particular Bourne. They’re all the same, in some way. But they need to be entertaining.

We watched it in atrocious company. Stockport cineworld is usually pretty good at keeping noisy elements quiet, or chucking them out. This time we were several adults, making more than one trip to the foyer to point out they needed to do something about two groups of immature ‘teenagers.’ One group was thrown out after two hours, and that was too late.

Maybe they found it boring, too.

For me it was like a James Bond gone bad. Somehow Jeremy Renner blended into Daniel Craig before my eyes.

So I had some hope of Brave being better, on the grounds that surely one of two films must be OK. It was mercifully shorter, once we’d suffered through half an hour of commercials, trailer and a little something else just to tease us.

I liked Merida’s hair. Very pretty. And you can’t help but enjoy Billy Connolly. But there wasn’t much else in this Disney view of what Scotland looks like. Some light relief in seeing what they wore under their kilts, but…

Don’t mind childish. Don’t mind cheesy. But I need something to tug at my heart (I do have one). The children in the audience liked the pratfalls. But that’s not the same as a good film.

What worries me the most is that fed on a film diet like this, soon no one will know what to demand. Disney films in the ‘olden days’ (not all that long ago) usually had something. Even the ones that got bad reviews tended to have enough to please me and not feel I’d wasted my time or my money.

You can’t pretend to make a good film. You actually have to do it.

Daniela Ruah on the Late Late Show

with Craig Ferguson. The man is insane. I’m surprised they allow him on television, but I’m awfully glad they do, because he is refreshingly crazy and entertaining.

But I have to say that this time, with Daniela Ruah as his guest, he was surprisingly daring, even for a boy from Cumbernauld. Daniela has an unexpected background in London, with a French non-Welsh speaking boyfriend in Wales. She gave that as her reason for having escaped visiting Cumbernauld. (I can recommend the service area. I really can.)

Watch, and enjoy.

Well, that’s a coincidence – Craig Ferguson is 48

Shall I be like Gibbs, or just be myself? Because I believe in coincidences. As I started writing all this, I just needed a few more facts (not that facts ever made a blog post better, of course) and found to my delight that it’s Craig Ferguson’s birthday today. Actually. He’s a mere boy at 48, and I see he’s from Cumbernauld, which is where we went to that petrol station back in February where the builder man filled up his bucket with water for the cement mixer from the tiny wash-handbasin in the toilet using a coffee paper mug. It took absolutely ages.

That’s Cumbernauld for you. Other than that the petrol station was very nice. So was bucket-man. Polite. And Craig Ferguson is lovely, too.

So, it seems he’s been given the Peabody Award. Craig, not bucket-man. I’m used to him interviewing Mark Harmon, but apparently he got it for Desmond Tutu, who is a very entertaining man, and would be a credit to any talk show. He certainly was when I saw him in Gothenburg a few years ago, but that could have been down to a sudden surfeit of Archbishops.

Back to Cumbernauld-boy. When he and Mark Harmon were allowed on the show week before last, they praised each other so much that I smelled a rat. Mark said how proud he was of Craig, and Craig in turn complimented Mark on his gorgeous hair. Mark managed to advertise BMW on air, and said he might count as clean depending ‘on your definition of clean’. Newly washed, perhaps?

I think there may have been a purpose to this blog post when I began, but I have to admit it’s gone now.

Oh, I know. It was the fact that Mark has had time to read books recently, after filming NCIS stopped for the summer. Hope it was one of Craig’s.

It’s good to read.

Interviews and chat shows

Or ‘prat show’ as they are called in Sweden. It actually means chat show, but when looked at from the English language point of view it’s a slightly unfortunate description.

Interviews; I like them to be different from everything else you’ve seen or heard about the subject. I know that it could be someone’s first time, but for any fan to read yet another interview where X is asked the same questions yet again, drives me mad. I even found that I share my opinions with the editor of Elle, as to the desirability of a long interview slot and one-to-one only, with time to almost get to know X.

It’s what I like, but don’t always get. And I see no reason to offend someone on purpose with too personal a question. That’s why I don’t mind asking my subject to quickly look over the finished interview, to find things that aren’t right. With no scandal in mind, I’m more interested in deleting that extra sister I accidentally gave them, or finding that I’ve misheard their favourite quote.

I may have been too unkind to Mark Harmon on this blog a couple of months ago, when I said that he only ever says the same thing in interviews, over and over. He does, and he doesn’t. Each start of the new NCIS season he is wheeled out on the chat shows to say something, and the same goes for the end of every NCIS season. They ask him the standard questions, and the main difference in Mark’s replies is the number of the current season. And maybe the number of episodes they’ve done so far.

He’s really just the show’s representative, there to make people watch NCIS. Maybe it’s hard to make up new answers, maybe he can’t be bothered. Or perhaps CBS want him to say these very things, or the chat show host does.

Mark Harmon and Jay Leno

If we’re lucky, then the Lenos or the Craig Fergusons of this world will also choose to chat about something else, more personal, but still steering clear of Mark’s very private private life. It does feel, though, as if they pick the subject beforehand. ‘Let’s talk about holidays tonight’, say, or ‘let’s do that one about your father yet again’.

There were some indifferent or bad chat programme chats with Mark last autumn, but I suppose he has to do them when asked/told to. They weren’t unpleasant so much as just bad. That’s not counting the really dreadful one on Lopez Tonight, which surely overstepped the boundaries of decency. Real prat show, that. And Mark had to sit there and not punch the man in the face, because that wouldn’t be so good for NCIS. (Actually, I think it would.)

Mark Harmon

So, nice to see that he was back on Leno last week. Not so nice that the television channel removed all traces of it from YouTube and the like. This time it was the 150 episodes that came up, followed by a very manly chat about cars. So each time we get a little piece of Mark’s life, but the man is better than anyone I’ve come across for keeping people off. And I had no idea that Americans learned to drive in school. In the olden days.

At least on television we get Mark in person. Magazine articles often appear to quote what other people say about him, so I would guess he’s not too keen to take part. And most of them rehash the same stuff again. But his name sells.

Pam Dawber

I may be an idiot, but I don’t get why on all the shows they have to point out to Mark who he is married to. I’ve not come across that with other victims, so is this special for some reason? Other than to the two people involved. But I’d say that when someone next tells Mark that his wife has the best hair on television, that he just thanks them. It’s a compliment, after all, even if he didn’t create Pam’s hair himself.

See, I just mentioned her myself. I’m no better than the rest.

The “real” Abby

I love Abby in NCIS. I’d like to be her. And from some cast round table talk I’ve seen, so do the other actresses on the show. The clothes! Even the tattoos! And I’m not a tattoo kind of person.

So I was happy to find a link to Pauley Perrette’s recent appearance on the Craig Ferguson show. (I like him, too. Scottish. Funny.) Pauley has been his guest before, but this time was much better. She is so amazingly like her character that you wonder where one ends and the other begins.

Pauley Perrette and Craig Ferguson

On the CBS website there is a click-on button to see the show, but it’s not available to non-US viewers. So try this place instead.

(Photo © CBS)