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NCIS: Los Angeles – Sans voir

If it’s May, then Hetty will resign.


Well, that was another explosive and deadly finale. Possibly deadlier than NCIS, because we lost two agents for certain, but at least they didn’t have the nerve to kill off Nate. Other than that, they are fond of killing off people we sort of know, and might be attached to. It’s a sneaky way of doing it. Use minor recurring characters, allowing the viewers to form a bond, but make them so minor that you can kill some off without compunction. And one of them doesn’t even get credited on IMDb. Some death.

Kensi and Deeks



The other interesting thing is that NCIS: Los Angeles is generally very violent, and people are shot, and killed, for very little reason. So we began with a ‘normal kind of bloodbath,’ only to find that when they got to the bad guy they don’t shoot at all. Clearly he needed to live for a bit. So why should we be all that concerned if someone kills him at a later stage? We wouldn’t have batted many eyelids if they’d got him from the start.

The writing continued pretty good, but I feel that if they offer us NCIS plot clones, they shouldn’t expect us to see it as fresh and clever. To my mind this double episode end to season three had several such moments. On the other hand, I do like the longer length episode. Wouldn’t mind that more often, as long as the frequency of episodes remains unchanged.

I have no doubt that once we return in September, the killer agent will soon be back to normal. Although, it would make for an interesting season if he wasn’t.

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NCIS: Los Angeles – Lange, H.

There was a lot of shooting. Killing, even. So maybe the Resident IT Consultant is right in saying NCIS: L A sends the message that it’s OK for Americans to go abroad and kill foreigners?

Hetty in Romania


Eric and Nell

Nell, Eric and Vance


I prefer to think that it’s fiction. Still with a lot of death, though. As season openers, this was a good sight better than big brother NCIS. We’d been left on a proper cliff, and we wanted to see what would happen.

Good that we know more about Callen’s past. Bad that it’s so sad. And I had rather hoped more of an agreement could have been reached with those who perished at the end. Very interesting to see what they did with Hunter. Not quite what I had expected.

The trio at home worked well together. I sometimes think Director Vance works better in L A.  Nell and Eric are a team, and it’s fun to have two people working things out together, instead of Abby working all alone. The Oreo cookies was a good test of who’s boss, and my money is on Hetty.

Amazing how more than one boss ‘mistakenly’ don’t register agents who hand in their badges.

And now we all think the Black Sea looks like the Californian coast. Personally I’d say it’s more the cars they go wrong with when they pretend home is away, somewhere.

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